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As the British magazine The Economist recently wrote, the field of open source investigations has grown. Where there used to be a niche community of a relatively small number of people who had free time and a habit of sitting on the Internet for a long time, now there is a wide field of research and journalism, and OSINT techniques are used in various fields and institutions. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start investigating. The beauty of open source investigations is that anyone (not just journalists or think tank researchers) can contribute to investigations that uncover criminal activity and help bring perpetrators to justice. When we say “anyone”, we really mean “anyone”: if you have access to the Internet, free time and a stubborn desire to get to the truth, then you can become an open source researcher.

Deciding to do such research can be difficult, especially if the field is completely new to you. However, there is no need to worry: this guide provides concrete steps to develop the skills you need, find groups that match your interests, and ultimately help you with an important investigation. By following the steps below, you can learn where to find open source researchers, how to observe and learn from their work, and how to practice your new skills. And first of all, in this article, we will analyze how such simple things as Internet news can help you with this.

And first of all, in this article, we will analyze how such simple things as Internet news can help you with this.

Aware Online

An educational institution in the Netherlands specializing in training in open source intelligence (OSINT) and social network intelligence (SOCMINT).

hatless1der Blog

On this page you can find links to some of the most impressive and reliable collections of investigative resources on the Internet.

Thread Reader App

Blog about osint tools and techniques (open source information). Also a little about forensics, evil and cyber security.


Articles about hacking strategies, hacking process, hacker mindset and basic skills needed to become a professional hacker.


A site with links to other websites, blogs, resources and podcasts, etc.


OSINT and GEOINT textbooks, walkthroughs, and tools.

Null Byte-medium

A playground for novice hackers and security professionals.

Key Findings Blog

Revealing future trends in OSINT, investigations and intelligence.


Digital forensics, web browsers, visualizations and open source tools.

IntelTechniques Blog

We offer the official IntelTechniques Open Source Intelligence Professional certification program.

Dan Nemec Blog

Informational blog about information security and programming.

DFIR Diva Blog

Providing training, certification and scholarships to those with limited financial resources.

benjaminstrick.com blog

Legal, military digital specialist blog specializing in open source intelligence (OSINT), investigations, influence operations, data and maps.

Trace Labs

A non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the reunification of families of missing persons while training them in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills.

Hakin9 Blog

A monthly magazine dedicated to hacking and cyber security. In each issue we try to focus on different approaches to show different techniques – defensively and offensively.

Exposing the invisible

A kit that makes the investigative techniques and tools used by experienced investigators more accessible to people who want to start their own investigations.

Hunchly Articles

We are active in the OSINT community and blog about issues affecting investigators, researchers and journalists.

Intelligence With Steve

Educational content on criminal intelligence and security. Courses for those who want to improve their qualifications or refresh their knowledge.

Dutch Osint Guy Nico

Nico is known as Dutch_OsintGuy and is very active in the OSINT community. He is a co-founder of the OSINTcurious project.

Renato Trabucco

Digital Forensics, OSINT and Cyber Security Tutorials, Walkthroughs and Tools.

Krebs on Security

Krebs is a world-renowned speaker.

Security Trails Blog

SecurityTrails Cyber Blog.


Another list of OSINT web resources.


Security researcher


Slovakia’s most popular telegrammer is a far-right conspiracist who is currently wanted by law enforcement agencies.


A common pool of knowledge for filtering, fact-checking, and evaluating news coming from the OSINT world into social media.

Osint Combine Blog

Australia’s leading provider of OSINT training and software and recognized globally as an OSINT leader.


A source of quality, actionable open source news, original blogs, educational videos and live streams.


Blog of an investigator interested in all things OSINT, Linux and digital forensics.


An open source digital privacy and analytics blog.


Non-commercial, independent and voluntary publication in the field of information security.

Offensive Osint

Articles with a set of links and explanations of how to create scripts, tools.

Petro Cherkasets

OSINT, privacy, information security.


Several cheat sheets, guides and other useful content.

Lorand Bodo

Research methods, search queries, osint.

Unredacte D magazine

Privacy, Security and OSINT Journal


The blog is dedicated to OSINT projects.

The Security Noob

A security noob.

Wondersmith Rae

OSINT analyst.

Fiete Stegers-medium

Journalist Researcher | Coach

The Osint Journal

Open source intelligence, OSINT, with global security, terrorism, intelligence gathering.


A mix of technology and human capital, simply focused on aggregating content from around the web.

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