№3. Pest Analysis Tools. Static Analysis and Reverse Engineering Tools (Part 1)

29 June 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Static Analysis and Reverse Engineering Tools for Software Security and Optimization

Static analysis and reverse engineering tools are indispensable components of the software development process. They allow developers and engineers to analyze, test, and improve applications to improve security, quality, and performance. Static analysis tools allow you to identify potential problems and vulnerabilities in software code without actually executing it. They automatically check for bugs, code defects, bad programming practices, and potential security threats. This helps to improve the quality and reliability of the software, reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and make the application more secure. Reverse engineering involves analyzing the source code or executable file in order to understand its functions, logic and architecture.

This process allows developers to gain a deeper understanding of the software product, which can be useful for improving, optimizing, and extending functionality. It can also be used to detect possible copyright violations or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. The use of static analysis and reverse engineering tools helps companies improve the security of their software, ensure high product quality and efficiency. They allow you to identify and eliminate problems before they can lead to serious consequences. This is an important step in ensuring success and competitiveness in the software market.

Static Analysis and Reverse Engineering Tools (Part 1)


A free, open source reverse engineering platform with a plugin to integrate with the Ghidra decompiler. Built on the basis of rizin.

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Disassembler and debugger for Windows with a free version and the ability to extend the functionality with open-source plugins.

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UNIX-like environment for reverse engineering. Allows you to analyze, emulate, debug, modify and disassemble any binary.

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Binary ninja

Popular IDA alternative with free cloud version and partially open source code.

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It is a tool for unpacking and analyzing executable files and archives.

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Radeone2 fork with focus on usability and stability. Includes necessary for a full-fledged binary analysis.

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A multi-platform binary exploration framework.

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Plugins that allow you to synchronize sessions.

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A fast disassembler for analyzing malicious shellcode.

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Executable (EXE) and dynamic library (DLL) decompiler written in Delphi. It is most often used to analyze banking malware.

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Binary Analysis Platform

A multi-platform set of utilities and libraries for machine code analysis. Supports x86, x86-64, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC.

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A tool for quickly analyzing Windows executable files. Shows the PE-header and its structure, contents of sections. Makes it easier to identify malicious code.

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Analyzes the capabilities of executable files. You feed PE, ELF and silk, and capa tells you what the program can do.

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A cross-platform library for parsing, modifying and abstracting ELF, PE, MachO, DEX, OAT, ART and VDEX formats without using a disassembler.

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An easy-to-use tool for analysis, image extraction and reverse engineering of firmware. This is a very useful tool.

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