Installing the DuckDuckGo browser

6 July 2023 2 minutes
Author: D2-R2

DuckDuckGo – reliable search with maximum privacy

Many hacker moms are looking for alternative ways to keep their privacy while browsing the web. That is why this article on our site is dedicated to installing DuckDuckGo – a search engine that guarantees anonymity and the absence of tracking of your requests. This is a new generation search engine that guarantees anonymity to users without saving search history and without using personal data for advertising. Thanks to this, you get objective search results without the intervention of third-party services. This allows users to protect their data as much as possible, not only during searches, but also when browsing websites.

DuckDuckGo also offers additional features that make searching the web easier. This includes quick access to website information, trustworthiness ratings, ad blocking, and more. All this ensures a convenient and safe search experience. Forget about search engines that violate your privacy. Switch to DuckDuckGo and enjoy safe and anonymous web browsing. Your privacy matters, and DuckDuckGo protects it. Do not allow third-party services to interfere in your personal space on the Internet. With DuckDuckGo, your privacy is securely protected.

Installing the DuckDuckGo browser

Step 1

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 2

Go to the link:

Step 3

Open the downloaded file

Step 4

Click on the check mark, then click on the “Install” button

Step 5

We are waiting for the preparation

Step 6

Click “Get Started”

Step 7

Click “Maybe Later”

Step 8

We repeat the previous step

Step 9

Great, we have installed the DuckDuckGo browser

We install the Duck Duck and Go

Step 10

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 12

Click “Add to Chrome”


Click “Add extension”

Step 14

The extension is installed on your browser

Step 15

Open and use the DuckDuckGo browser

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