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8 April 2023 2 minutes Author: Endpool

Clever Contacts, but what about?

A reasonable contract is a variety of services in the form of coded mathematical algorithms, arrangement, change, modification and development of any possible alternatives to computer programs within the framework of the Internet. In the real world, there is a wide range of interest in the implementation of smart contracts for the creation of DAO, an autonomous organization for venture financing, which was launched in January 2016. The word “smart contract” was created by a scientist in computer science, cryptography, and also in the field of law, by Nick Szabo in 1994, to reinforce what he calls “highly diverse practices” of contract law and related to business practice in retail electronics. trade protocols between unknown people on the Internet.

It can be said that it is possible to go about adjusting the sides with a path, enshrining their expressed will in the form of a singing code, which is added for reading by a computer. One of these contacts is Mythril, a security analysis tool for the EVM bytecode. Vіn vyavlyaєє vrazlivі mіstsya in safety in smart contracts, created for Ethereum, Hedera, Quorum, Vechain, Roostock, Tron and other blockchains, the sum of the EVM. Vіn vikoristovuє symbolіchne vykonannya, virіshennia SMT і analysis poshkodzhen for revealing various inconsistencies in safety. It also wins (using other tools and methods) from the MythX security analysis platform. As a retailer of smart contracts, we recommend using the MythX wiki tools, which are optimized for transparency and provide a wide range of security solutions.

Basic Smart Contacts

Securify v2.0

Security scanner for smart contracts.

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Security analysis tool for EVM bytecode.

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A tool for the analysis of smart contracts.

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Expanding tool for static analysis.

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A tool for displaying smart contracts.

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