№6. ScannerBox. Database SQL injection vulnerability or brute force

10 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Endpool

SQL injection – your data is at risk

SQL injection is one of the common ways of hacking websites and programs that work with databases, based on the introduction of arbitrary SQL code into a query. SQL implementation, depending on the type of DBMS used and implementation conditions, may allow an attacker to perform arbitrary database queries (for example, read the contents of any tables, delete, modify, or add data), gain the ability to read and/or write local files, and execution of arbitrary commands on the attacked server. An SQL application type attack may be possible due to incorrect processing of input data used in SQL queries. The developer of database applications should be aware of such vulnerabilities and take measures against SQL injection.

SQL injections are attacks that allow an attacker to perform various unauthorized actions on a database. They can affect both the data itself and the database structure. For this, special strings containing malicious commands are transmitted as input data. What is the use of SQL? Using SQL, the developer records and outputs data from the database. Thus, SQL is a connecting link that ensures the interaction of the program with the database and the information stored there. There are three main classes of attacks based on the introduction of SQL code: Classic SQL injection (Classic SQLi) SQL injection based on on the operation of the DBMS error messages (Error-based SQLi) Blind SQL injection (Blind SQLi). SQL injection is when an attacker injects code into web forms or database query parameters that, when executed, elevates the user’s privileges, performs actions on his behalf, or gains illegal access to the database. To prevent SQL injection, you need to properly configure your web application and correctly validate user input.

SQL vulnerability scanners


SQLi Vulnerability Scanner via SQLMAP and Charles

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Damn Small SQLi Scanner

SQLi vulnerability scanner with 99 lines of code.

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SQLi Vulnerability Scanner for mongoDB.

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SQLi Vulnerability Scanner with Powershell Script.

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Another SQL vulnerability scanner.

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Blind SQLi Vulnerability Scanner.

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A powerful MongoDB auditing and pentesting tool.

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A Python framework for crawling and using NoSQL.

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A simple script for automating vulnerabilities.

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Tools for initiative testing and passive SQL vulnerability implementation.

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Use blind time-based and SQL injection in HTTP    headers.

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jSQL Injection

A lightweight program used to search for database information.

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A very high-quality, massive SQL implementation vulnerability scanner.

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SQLmap’s friend that will do what you’ve always expected SQLmap to do.

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MySQL and MSSQL brute-forcing and post-exploitation tools.

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