№7. ScannerBox. Override authorization or vulnerability scanning for IoT

10 April 2023 2 minutes Author: Endpool

Vulnerability scanning – always check

Vulnerability management is a continuous, proactive, and often automated process that protects computer systems from cyberattacks and data breaches. Therefore, it is an important part of the overall security assurance program. By identifying, assessing, and remediating potential security vulnerabilities, organizations can prevent attacks and, if they do occur, minimize damage. The goal of vulnerability management is to reduce the overall risk to the organization by eliminating as many vulnerabilities as possible. Vulnerability management should be a continuous process of tracking new threats and changes in the environment. To manage threats and vulnerabilities, a number of tools and solutions are used to prevent and eliminate cyber threats. An effective vulnerability management program typically includes the following components: Identify and inventory assets The IT department is responsible for tracking and processing records of all devices, software, servers, etc. in a company’s digital environment, but this can be extremely difficult as many organizations have thousands of assets across multiple locations

That’s why IT professionals turn to asset inventory management systems that provide visibility into what assets a company has, where they’re stored, and how they’re being used. Vulnerability management tools enable companies to identify and fix potential security issues before they become a serious cyber threat, help prevent data leaks in a company’s security system, and thus avoid damage to its reputation and financial performance. Vulnerability scanning. Vulnerability scanners typically perform a series of checks on systems and networks, identifying common weaknesses or flaws. These checks may include attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities, guess default passwords or user accounts, or simply gain access to restricted resources.

IoT scanners


Scan IoT devices with weak passwords to detect if they are using credentials.

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IoT device scanner via nmap, Nmap repository scans various IoT devices.

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Vulnerability testing in devices and routers connected to the Internet.

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Weak telnet password scanner based on password enumeration.

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OWASP Nettacker

Vulnerability scanner for collecting network information, most useful for IoT scanning.

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An exploitation framework for embedded devices such as a router.

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ICS Digital bond listing tools. This is a Digital Bond research project to list ICS applications and devices.

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An IDA plugin based on backtracking sensitive function parameters to help find vulnerabilities.

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