Aircraft-type drones “Dual H beam tail and U-shaped tail”

4 April 2024 2 minutes

An H-shaped tail is generally used to increase the stability and controllability of the aircraft, especially in conditions of high maneuverability or when it is necessary to reliably control the aircraft at high angles of attack. This design can be used in research, military and specialized civilian drones.

“Double Tail Beam H-Tail”

Primoco UAV One

It has a four-wheel chassis that ensures its stability and long flight time. The tail section with a double tail beam and H-shaped tail contributes to better control during maneuvering. Primoco UAV Equipped with modern navigation and control systems that allow it to perform precise reconnaissance tasks in automatic mode.



UAV with pronounced characteristics, including two main wings and additional support bars that provide additional lift and stability. Vector is equipped with wheels, which allows it to take off and land on different types of surfaces. Its double tail beam and H-shaped tail contribute to better stability during flight.



This UAV has wings more traditional for airplanes and a large wheelbase, which gives it good take-off and landing characteristics. The massive design of the tail section with double tail beam and H-shaped tail ensures excellent stability in the air, which is critical for tasks that require high precision flight and long stay in the air.


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