The best drone and FPV flight simulators

5 February 2024 3 minutes Author: Murder

Drone flight simulators and FPV are opening up new horizons for drone enthusiasts. These virtual simulators allow pilots to improve their skills, learn different piloting techniques and test their abilities in different flight scenarios, improve their piloting skills and prepare for real flights from the comfort of their homes.

Training programs


One of the best FPV flight simulator games in terms of physics and the ability to customize the UAV and flight environment. Such functionality makes training flights with the program very realistic and closer to real life.


Zephyr Drone Simulator

The Zephyr drone simulator is designed specifically to be used as a training tool and differs from the other simulators on this list in that it includes control and feedback from the instructor.


DJI Virtual Flight

A convenient mobile application developed by the DJI team for practicing FPV flight techniques. An indisputable advantage of the simulator is the support of branded equipment.


FPV Freerider

One of the advantages of FPV Freerider is the low cost – only 5 dollars. With a price like this, there’s no reason not to try it out and take advantage of flight simulator training. Ease of use is also a big advantage of this program.


Uncrashed. Drone Simulator

Whether freestyle or racing training, the user has many large and varied maps to develop FPV skills – from parks to abandoned places. Another advantage of the simulator is the ease of setting up the copter.


RealFlight RF9.5

The excellent physics of the RealFlight RF9.5 simulator is a good learning tool, providing a more realistic flight experience. A wide selection of realistic flight scenarios can also be listed among the “pluses” of the program.


DRL Sim 3.0

The real flying experience with DRL Racing Simulator is one of the best. Advanced physics and a high level of customization make the program very pleasant to use. The real training environment, especially if you want to compete against the pros.


FPV Air 2

For an inexpensive entry-level FPV flight simulator, the program has surprisingly good physics. You can also play with the settings for a specific UAV and make the flight even more realistic. And the multi-user mode allows you to compete with your friends.


DJI Flight Simulator

A great program for pilots of any profile (professional shooting or food level) who want to learn before flying their expensive equipment in real conditions. It is also a great way to practice certain skills such as power line inspection, search and rescue operations.


Liftoff от Immersion RC

Liftoff is great for more immersive FPV style flight. Good graphics and customization of the UAV, as well as compatibility with FPV Goggles and radio transmitters make it even more realistic. Even though the flight controls aren’t quite like real life, it’s still a good hands-on experience.



DroneSimPro Drone Flight Simulator offers a fairly realistic flight experience thanks to a good flight engine in the software. This makes it more accurate in feel and response of the controls. As a training flight simulator, this aspect is important to help pilots transition to real flight.


Rotor Rush

It offers users the opportunity to participate in virtual FPV racing, allowing them to experience the adrenaline of competition without the risk to the equipment. The simulator contains a variety of tracks and flight conditions, making it an excellent training tool.


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