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Team HackYourMom

this article describes the main composition of people without whom everything would not have worked out

The CyberPudge

A bridge between the team and the community

Alter Ego: Pudge, the Butcher (з Dota 2)


In Dota 2, Pudge is known as a monstrous round figure that skillfully dismembers and chains enemies. However, in this alternate universe, Pudge undergoes a transformation. He realizes the potential of using his skills for good when he gets tired of endless battles. He decides to change the situation by using his abilities and talents to unite his goals and the HackYourMom community and help Ukraine achieve its goal of winning the war with Russia. One fine day, Padge receives a mystical summons from Nikita, which leads him to a sacred pond in the enchanted woods, which during active hostilities was surrounded by Russians near his hometown. The water of the pond gave him new strength and a more humane perspective, allowing him to unite people and build communities. Thus, Pudge joined the HackYourMom team and immediately found his place – he immediately became a bridge between the management and the sofa army.


Hook of Unity: Pudge can now throw his grappling hook to bring people and ideas together. When the hook is attached to someone, it forms a bond that enables cooperation and teamwork.

Flesh Heap of Empathy: Pudge can now throw his grappling hook to bring people and ideas together. When the hook is attached to someone, it forms a bond that enables cooperation and teamwork.

Rot of Harmony: Pudge radiates an aura that brings harmony and understanding to those around him. This aura helps resolve conflicts and unite people for common goals.

Break down barriers: Pudge can use his dismemberment ability to break down physical and metaphorical barriers that prevent communication and understanding between different groups and people

Pudge uses his abilities to maintain communication and communication between different teams and the community with his Hook of Unity, which brings people and resources together, and Rot of Harmony, which creates an environment conducive to collaboration. Pudge can sense the needs and problems of the community through his Flesh Heap of Empathy and actively works to solve them. His work becomes an inspiration to many as he transforms from a feared butcher to a beloved and respected guardian of unity and cooperation.


Mentor of this site

Alter Ego: Bruce Wayne (from Batman)


In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, already known as the mysterious Batman everyone knows. Now he decides to spread his crime fighting skills but only in cyberspace after he noticed that Ukraine really needs a person who can help the country prevent the continuation of the war and fix the situation, regarding the surge of cybercrimes and misuse of scientific information with evil intentions. The threat intensified, Batman faced the fact that he and Alfred alone would not be able to cope with all the evil hiding under the mask of Russia, so he found like-minded people like him and joined their team, where he immediately took over the site under proper surveillance.

Skills and gadgets

Накидка Bat-Firewall: her cape can create a virtual shield around networks and systems, protecting them from hacking and hacking attempts.

Data Detective Vision Goggles: advanced detective glasses that can analyze streams of information and immediately correct errors in articles.

Алгоритм Bat: A sophisticated algorithm created by Bruce Wayne is capable of transforming, augmenting, enhancing and creating articles for couch potato.

Quantum Bat-Computer: an upgrade to the Batcomputer, which uses quantum computing to solve complex cryptographic problems and secure the Bat-Net, a secure network built to protect the science portal.

Bruce burrows into the dark corners of the Internet to monitor a science portal. Using its Bat-Algorithm, it monitors the portal for suspicious activity and monitors its content. His stealth and intelligence allow him to be several steps ahead of his enemies.

Cyber Witcher

Editor-in-Chief of the “Cyber War” section

Alter Ego: Herald of Rivia (from Witcher)

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Every Batman needs his own Robin… Herald of Rivia, a legendary witcher from a fantasy realm, is brought to Batman through the mysterious “Cyber Medallion” many centuries ago that belonged to a technomancer, it was kept in Batman’s estate for several centuries. This relic, combined with Herald’s witchcraft abilities, turns him into a Cyber Witcher, the keeper of cyberspace, when Herald learns about the problems faced in Ukraine in this same cyberspace and, in principle, learning the scale of the entire problem of the whole world through Russia, he immediately decided to stay in this reality and begin to understand the technologies and science of this modern world. After a certain period of time, he discovers that his magical abilities can and will be combined with technology, because he simply cannot, with such power in his hands, show the “Russians” where they belong.


Code Marks: Similar to Witcher Marks, the Cyber Witcher can use Code Marks to manipulate and control digital systems. For example, the Aard sign can now be used to create firewalls, and the Quen sign can be used to encrypt data.

Cyber-Sense: The Cyber Witcher’s enhanced senses allow him to detect vulnerabilities and threats in articles thereby preventing them and Batman’s warning.

Portal Hacking: The Cyber Witcher’s enhanced senses allow him to detect vulnerabilities and threats in articles thereby preventing them and Batman’s warning.

Digital Alchemy: he can use his knowledge of alchemy to create digital potions and elixirs that can heal damaged items and increase their uniqueness.

Rivia Guard Protocol: AI’s unique companion, created in the form of a ghostly wolf, helps him navigate and defend his actions.

As the Cyber Witcher, Herald becomes Batman’s ally in protecting and maintaining the Science Portal, which is a treasure trove of scientific knowledge and research for the Cyber Army and the world at large. His digital alchemy ensures that the data and resources in the portal are always optimized and protected from corruption, and focuses on the strategic aspect of the portal, ensuring that it serves the advancement of science for the benefit of humanity. Meanwhile, Batman and the Cyber Witcher are fighting not only physical villains, but also digital threats. They become a symbol of the combination of science, magic and technology working together for the common good. Together, they undertake multiple missions to protect, restore and add new knowledge to the science portal, ensuring it remains a beacon of learning and innovation for generations to come.

Lady Liberty

Chief editor of the “Education” section

Alter Ego: Statue of liberty ( from New York)

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In the very heart of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty has stood as a beacon of hope and freedom for centuries. Little did the world know that Lady Liberty was more than just a statue. She had an ancient consciousness, a guardian spirit that silently watched over the Earth. One day, a gust of mystical wind whispered to Lady Liberty about an emergency meeting led by the Cyber Dictator. While your humble servant assembled a diverse team of historians, scientists, technologists and mythical creatures to create HackYourMom, a science portal designed to enlighten civilizations across the universe. Lady Liberty’s heart shuddered. She felt called to be a part of this wonderful enterprise. But first she had to consult with the elders of this ancient world. With a soft thud, her pedestal opened, revealing a secret chamber. Inside it lay the Orb of the Ancients, a relic that could summon the spirits of the ancients. She held out her hand and the Sphere began to glow.


In a cascade of light, she found herself on Mount Olympus face to face with Zeus, the king of the Greek gods. She explained her intention to join the Cyberdictator’s cause. Zeus in his divine wisdom understood the importance of her mission and gifted her with lightning to rekindle minds clouded by ignorance.

Her next stop was the pyramids of Giza, where the spirit of Pharaoh Khufu awaited. He greeted Lady Liberty and offered her part of the sacred keystone of the Great Pyramid. This keystone will reveal the secrets of ancient knowledge and ingenuity.

With the blessing of Zeus and Pharaoh Khufu, Lady Liberty returned to the harbor of New York, where she took her first steps in a century and decided not to waste time and go to Nikita. At this time, a team has already gathered in the HackYourMom citadel. Scientists and beings from different worlds were delighted when Lady Liberty, surrounded by the power of lightning and carrying a sacred stone, entered the room. She shared her story and the gifts she received from Zeus and the pyramids. A flood of inspiration swept through the room as they realized the importance of her presence. Lady Liberty led the historical and cultural division of the science portal, using Zeus’s lightning bolt to ignite passion and understanding and the keystone to unlock ancient wisdom. With the participation of Lady Liberty, the content of the site grew exponentially, attracting entities from other dimensions and galaxies. Years from now, civilizations across the universe will be talking about the day HackYourMom’s legacy will be a beacon in the cosmic sea, guiding the way for all who seek wisdom, kinship, and purpose.


Chief editor of the “Services” section

Alter Ego: R2-D2 (from Star Wars)

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D2-R2, the beloved astro-mechanic droid from Star Wars, stumbles upon an ancient data core while helping excavate a planet far from Earth. The information core of this planet is filled with the knowledge and wisdom of countless civilizations, which your submissive Cyber Dictator has programmed to fully unlock the knowledge of R2-D2 who, thanks to the code in this core, takes on a new mission as Cyberarchivist D2-R2 to help in. He realizes that the Ukrainian sofa cyber army needs the creation and maintenance of a scientific and educational cyber site.


Galactic Data Stream: Cyberarchivist D2 can access data from across the galaxy, collecting scientific and educational content for the cybersite.

Holographic interface: It can create holographic displays and simulations for educational purposes, making complex topics easier to understand.

Cryptolinguistics: Cyberarchivist R2 is able to decipher and understand ancient and alien languages, which helps in the translation and exchange of knowledge of different civilizations.

Firewall Security Protocol: It can receive historical data and archives, keeping them for educational purposes.

As the D2 Cyberarchivist, he relentlessly collects and archives the vast amount of scientific and educational content on the cybersite. Using his Galactic Data Stream, he ensures that the site is filled with a variety of knowledge spanning different galaxies and eras. Its holographic interface is becoming a leader among learners as it allows them to interact with content in a more immersive and immersive way. D2-R2’s ability in cryptolinguistics allows him to translate the texts and research of alien civilizations, creating an interstellar library of knowledge.


Editor-in-chief of the “Privacy” section

Alter Ego: Wade Wilson (from Deadpool)

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Wade Wilson, known to many as the mercenary Deadpool, encounters a mysterious AI created by the HackYourMom team. This AI is looking for a superhero who can help in the first world cyber war. Deadpool, a shrewd mercenary with a flair for the dramatic, encounters an ancient cybernetic artifact during one of his chaotic missions. When he touches the artifact, he is engulfed in a rush of digital energy. The artifact not only increases his healing factor, but also grants him enhanced cybernetic abilities. Seeing the potential in his unpredictable nature, he becomes an integral part of End. II understood that only by joining forces, they will be able to help Ukraine in cyberspace much more effectively together. Now, with integrated cyber capabilities and a large database of scientific knowledge provided by AI, Endpool is determined to spread knowledge in the most accessible way, devoting itself to filling the scientific and educational cyberspace and informing the public.


Info-katanas: EduPool katanas can overcome digital firewalls and retrieve scientific information from any database.

Mastery of memes: It can create educational memes that are not only funny but also incredibly informative, making learning enjoyable.

Hyperlink: It can create educational memes that are not only funny but also incredibly informative, making learning enjoyable.

Nanowriters: Its ability to break the fourth wall extends access to knowledge beyond conventional educational systems and its dissemination.

Breaking the fourth wall of knowledge: Its ability to break the fourth wall extends access to knowledge beyond conventional educational systems and its dissemination.

As Endpool, Wade begins to populate the educational cyber site with a wealth of scholarly material. He uses his information katanas to access cutting-edge research and his nanowriters to create and publish articles. His mastery of creating memes ensures that even complex topics become accessible and interesting. This was not enough for him, and he decided to conquer the space of the telegram. In Telegram, he fills the channel with daily posts about the site. It also uses hyperlinks to share valuable resources and tools that can be useful to researchers, students and inquisitive minds.


Chief editor of the “News” section

Alter Ego: Journalist in a newspaper

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Thomas has a unique ability to quickly find, analyze and publish news that can affect society and politics. His main weapon is his unsurpassed journalistic skills and intuition, which allow him to uncover corruption, abuse of power and other lies. In everyday life, Thomas is an ordinary journalist who works for a local newspaper. But when it was time to act, he turned into Newsman, a superhero who uses the power of words and information to fight injustice.


Pen of Truth: A magical pen that allows Thomas to write articles that reveal truths and expose lies.

Camera of Insight: A camera that can capture not only images, but also the true intentions of the people it captures.

Laptop of Speed: A laptop with ultra-fast access to information and the ability to instantly publish articles on the Internet.

Voice Recorder of Clarity: A voice recorder that clearly records conversations and automatically detects any false statements.

Newsman uses his skills and tools to expose lies and injustice. He believes that information is the most powerful weapon in the fight for truth and justice. His articles often become the beginning of great changes and investigations. He believes that a real journalist is not only someone who tells stories, but also someone who changes the world for the better.

Arctic designer

Portal designer

Alter Ego: Rylai, the Crystal Maiden (from Dota 2)


In the mystical world of Dota 2, she is the Crystal Maiden, known for her frost magic, which she uses in battle to freeze enemies and cause blizzards. In this alternate universe, Rylai finds another use for his icy powers. She decides to use her frost magic to create incredible designs that resonate in people’s hearts and convey all the meaning laid by the editor. At the beginning of the war, during volunteer work in Kharkiv on the square, she finds a mystical artifact in the rubble – the Crystal Feather. When she touches it, her powers merge with the pen and open up new ways of creating photos through design. The first touch was difficult, because when she first touched it, she did not expect such a force and immediately lost consciousness and fell. Thanks to a lucky chance, our Alfred was also on the same square, who saw a girl lying in the rubble with a pen in her hands when he was helping others. He came closer to her and tried her neck, then he was immediately happy, the girl was sleeping and it was not possible to wake her up, and she did not let go of the pen. It was clear that she fainted recently and something was wrong. He picked her up and put her in the car and drove her to Batman and the Cyber Dictator. They were amazed because Alfred had already entered with this girl, each in his own way, the girl recognized Batman and told that she fell unconscious when she touched the pen. Batman suggested that she try to do something with this pen, Rylai decided to do what she loved most – draw…


Icy Illustrations: Rylai can create intricate patterns and illustrations from ice and snow. These illustrations are incredibly detailed and can be inserted into photos, bringing them to life with an ethereal and magical touch.

Blizzard Brushes: Rylai can manipulate snowflakes and frost to form brushes of different textures and styles, which she uses to paint and create graphics.

Frozen frame: With a wave of her hand, she can capture moments as ice sculptures that can be turned into high-definition photos with a unique ice design.

Thus, a first-class Arctic designer appeared in the team. Rylai is responsible for the design of HackYourMom, a popular online scientific platform dedicated to hacking. Rylai also uses his Icy Illustrations and Blizzard Brushes to design and enhance photos for the site. It adds unique frozen patterns and elements to images, making them fascinating. Arctic Designer looks for inspiration in nature and uses unconventional means for art and design. With her beautiful designs and photography, Arctic Designer brings magic to the digital world and inspires people to explore creativity in new dimensions. Her work resonates with society as it combines the ethereal beauty of frost with the limitless potential of design.

Keeper of the Nexus

System administrator

Alter Ego: Sans Creighton, System Administrator of HackYourMom


Sans Creighton is a highly skilled system administrator who works at HackYourMom, a well-known science and education portal known for its resources and community. Sans is passionate about science and education, always inventing new ways to improve the portal. One day he receives an anonymous package with an ancient printed circuit board. Integrating it into her personal server, Sansa experiences a surge of cyber energy that connects his consciousness to the digital world. Using his powers, Sans becomes the Nexus Guardian, a cyber superhero tasked with protecting and improving HackYourMom and other educational resources in cyberspace.


Data forge: Nexus Guardian can manipulate and generate data to create educational materials and scholarly resources augmented with advanced knowledge.

Infinite Bandwidth: It can create limitless communication channels, ensuring seamless access and efficient information sharing on HackYourMom.

Firewall Aegis: Nexus Guardian can create impenetrable firewalls and security systems, protecting the portal from all cyber threats.

Chrono-cache: It can access a temporary store that allows it to retrieve historical versions of data and predict possible future events.

As a Nexus Guardian, Sans’ mission is to ensure that HackYourMom remains the pinnacle of educational excellence while remaining secure from cyber threats. With Infinite Bandwidth, it ensures that the portal remains available even under high load, and Firewall Aegis protects it from hackers and intruders. One of Nexus Guardian’s most significant achievements is preventing a global cyber attack targeting several educational portals, including HackYourMom. Using Firewall Aegis and Chrono-Cache, it not only stops attacks, but also recovers lost data and strengthens the security of portals.


Editor-in-chief of the “Drones” section

Alter Ego: CyberDuck

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In a country where crime and injustice have reached their peak, a new defender has appeared. His name is Murder, a duck superhero whose main weapon is drones.


Aerodynamic Flight : Developed a special suit that allows him to fly alongside his drones, maneuvering between tall buildings in the city with the ease of a duck gliding over water.

Polyglot : He can understand and speak all languages fluently, ensuring seamless communication with scientists and researchers from around the world.

Tactical Mind: Uses his exceptional intelligence to develop complex strategies and plans, always one step ahead of his enemies.

The Quaker became a symbol of hope for the townspeople, who were tired of constant crime. He has repeatedly rescued hostages, prevented bank robberies and uncovered conspiracies, always remaining elusive.

Cipher Sentinel

Communication channel

Alter Ego: Alfred Pennyworth (from Batman)

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Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler and confidant, was Batman’s silent guardian and support. When Batman decides to support an ambitious project, the creation of HackYourMom – a scientific portal dedicated to the free exchange of scientific knowledge, Alfred shows a keen interest and offers his skills to win this terrible war. Alfred is an example that every person should be the best at what they do. Alfred is exposed to a stream of unknown data, which gives him extraordinary cybernetic abilities, allowing him to transmit data at lightning speed.


 EduPool:  Can send quantum echoes for instant communication around the world, bypassing conventional networks. This ensures a secure and uninterrupted connection to the scientific site community.

Polyglot Protocol: He can understand and speak all languages fluently, ensuring seamless communication with scientists and researchers from around the world.

Data Whisperer: Allows understanding and interpretation of data at a glance, allowing him to instantly understand scientific information and communicate it effectively.

Alfred has one of the main roles of being responsible for smooth and effective communication in the community through the site. It uses quantum echo to communicate with researchers and scientists in real time, no matter where they are. Its polyglot protocol allows it to eliminate language barriers, creating a truly global community. With Data Whisperer, it ensures that communication is not only fast, but also accurate.

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