№6. Pest Analysis Tools. Storage and classification and monitoring

30 June 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Solutions for Data Storage, Classification and Monitoring

Storage, classification and monitoring are important aspects of data and information management. Effective storage and proper classification of data allow organizations to effectively manage their resources, provide easy access to information, and comply with privacy and security requirements. Data warehousing involves determining the best methods and mechanisms for storing information. This may include selecting the appropriate physical infrastructure, such as servers, data warehouses or cloud platforms, and establishing proper data backup and recovery procedures.

Data classification is the organization of information according to certain criteria or a classification system. This helps to structure the data, facilitates easy search and navigation, and ensures that data is maintained in consistency and integrity. Classification also allows for appropriate security and privacy policies to be applied to different categories of data. Monitoring means the constant surveillance of data and information in order to detect unusual or suspicious activity. This may include data access monitoring, audit logs, intrusion detection systems, and other mechanisms to ensure information security and protection. The overall purpose of storage, classification and monitoring is to ensure efficient and secure management of data and information. It helps organizations store valuable information, ensure availability according to user needs, and ensure data security and privacy.

Storage and classification and monitoring


Pipeline for collecting threat data from Twitter, GitHub, RSS feeds and other available sources.

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An extensive list of rules for YARA allows you to quickly prepare this tool for use.

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YARA rule generator from suspicious code fragments found in malware files. Automates the creation rules.

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A tool for classifying and sorting malware IOCs and hashes with the ability to generate reports based on the results of static and dynamic analysis.

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A platform for collecting and aggregating threat data in a single repository. It is capable of enriching downloaded data.

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A utility for organizing, analyzing and managing a personal collection of malware, sample exploits and scripts. Works well with Cuckoo and YARA.

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InQuest REPdb

And InQuest IOCdb aggregators IOCs from various open sources.

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A malware analysis framework called the open source version of VirusTotal.

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A modular Python application for gathering information about malicious hosts.

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Check email in different languages. The utility has a database of more than 38,000 fake email providers.

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URLhaus a portal for sharing URLs used to distribute malware.

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All Cybercrime IP Feeds

An aggregator of dangerous IP addresses with a focus on hacking, malware distribution and fraud.

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A tool for gathering information about malicious sources from publicly available sources. Allows you to get lists of suspicious IP addresses, domain names, URLs, email addresses, file hashes.

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It is a tool designed to detect and analyze potential attacks based on domain names. It allows you to identify fake or phishing domains that can be used to carry out fraudulent attacks.

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A tool designed to aid in the identification and classification of pests. Allows you to create descriptions of malware families as rules in a common, easy-to-process format.

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A solution for getting data using a single API. Provides centralized access to a number of online malware scanners.

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Software for collecting, storing and sharing indicators of compromise and data obtained as a result of analysis of malicious programs.

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Awesome YARA

Awesome YARA this an ever-growing collection of tools, rules, signatures and useful resources for YARA users.

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