DarkNet OSINT. Github tools and documentation

7 June 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Unraveling the Shadows: DarkNet OSINT Tools on GitHub

DarkNet OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) is the process of collecting and analyzing public information from the DarkNet thematic area to obtain valuable intelligence. In this context, the tools available on GitHub can be useful for various DarkNet OSINT tasks. GitHub is a web platform for hosting, collaborative development and management of software projects. It is known for its large number of open source code and repositories that allow developers around the world to download, modify and collaborate. For DarkNet OSINT, the tools on GitHub can be used for such tasks. Code Analysis: Open source code on GitHub may contain useful information about DarkNet projects, including cryptographic algorithms, protocols, network architecture, and more.

Vulnerability Disclosures: Some projects on GitHub may contain information about software vulnerabilities that could be used to gain access to DarkNet resources or other related information assets. Network Analysis Tools: You can find network traffic analysis tools on GitHub, some of which can be useful for monitoring and analyzing activity on the DarkNet. Finding Information: GitHub repositories may contain lists of links to resources, forums, or other DarkNet sources that may help you find more information. Criminal Activity Intelligence: GitHub may contain projects or tools that help track, analyze, or detect criminal activity occurring on the DarkNet. It is important to note that the DarkNet includes illegal activities, so the use of tools on GitHub must be done in accordance with the law and ethical standards. Achieving DarkNet OSINT may require specialized knowledge and experience in this area.

Various documentation for training

Most links require a browser to open TOR



Security in a box

This is the name of a project or set of tools that are designed to improve cybersecurity and user privacy. The “Security in a Box” project produces and provides practical recommendations, tools and materials to protect against various cyber threats.

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The Tor Guide

This is a resource or documentation that provides instructions, tips, and guidelines for using and configuring the Tor network. This can be a guide that provides users with information on how to set up and use Tor proxies.

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Whonix documentation

This is a set of documents and informational materials provided to users to understand, configure and use the Whonix operating system.


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Qubes OS documentation

Qubes OS is a collection of information materials, guides and manuals designed to provide instructions and understanding for using Qubes OS.

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This is a term that indicates the existence of a bot or software that interacts with the Tor network.

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Onion Search

This is a term that can refer to a tool or software designed to collect, process, and analyze data from the Tor (DarkNet) network.

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The Devils Eye

This is an expression that can have different meanings in different contexts. However, on the DarkNet or the Tor network, it’s Github Tools to search the web more precisely.

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Onion Ingestor

This is a term commonly used to describe search engines or tools specifically designed to perform information searches on the Tor (DarkNet) network.

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