Transport tracking tools (Land transport, train)

15 April 2024 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

The possibilities of modern digital services are revealed, which allow tracking the movement of railway and bus transport in different countries of the world. The article will provide useful information on how these tools can facilitate travel planning, schedule monitoring and route optimization. Explore advanced digital tools for tracking rail and bus traffic worldwide. Learn how these technologies can impact your travel planning and everyday mobility.


Live Train Tracker

A live map showing the location of trains in Europe, the USA and Australia provides an opportunity to track current traffic in real time.



Online train tracking in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium allows you to track train movements and delays in real time.



A live map of UK train routes and rail network analytics and statistics: industry reports, performance analysis and more.


Service for tracking the movement of passenger trains in the USA in real time. The service provides an interactive map on which users can see the exact location of trains, their routes, as well as the estimated time of arrival at the station. Contains information about possible delays, schedule changes.


Train Location Map

An interactive map showing the real-time location of trains across Canada. Users can view up-to-date train location data, receive notifications about delays, and view timetables. The service also provides information about stations and options for changing routes.


Asia Rail Map

Online train tracking service in Asian countries including Japan, China, India and South Korea. The service provides detailed route maps, information about schedules and delays. Asia Rail Map also offers analytical tools for analyzing passenger traffic and the efficiency of rail transportation in the region.


Euro Train Tracker

A digital platform for monitoring the movement of trains in the countries of the European Union. This service allows users to track trains in real time using GPS data and information about the state of the railway infrastructure. Users can search for routes by train number or station of departure and arrival.


Train Spotter

This service offers train tracking in South America, including countries like Brazil and Argentina. Train Spotter uses dynamic maps and real-time to show the current position of trains, including freight and passenger flights. The service also allows users to get detailed information about delays, changes in the schedule.


African Rail Navigator

A digital platform for tracking the movement of trains on the continent of Africa. Provides accurate and up-to-date train location data in countries like South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt. African Rail Navigator helps users plan their journeys by providing information on timetables, routes and historical data on delays and problems on the railways.


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