People’s initiative from Druk Armii

29 June 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

DrukArmiya is a community of Ukrainians that has been producing (printing) auxiliary materials for soldiers of the Armed Forces for more than a year. Their mission is to provide the military with essential resources that are manufactured using 3D printing

How does it work?

A universal principle of warfare is to use means to avoid problems, rather than to deal with them when they have already occurred. This is especially true of communications links, which are a vital element on the battlefield. However, despite the fact that Starlink represents one of the latest technologies, it has a weak point: the connectors can break during transport, leading to a loss of communication. An additional difficulty is the high cost of replacing damaged parts, which is 5,000 hryvnias per wire. Troubles such as broken equipment, communication losses, and high financial costs are unacceptable.

Screenshot 1. Connectors for Starlink

Fortunately, there is an alternative approach to solving this problem, and you can do it yourself. DrukArmiya uses 3D printing to solve this problem by creating protective caps for vulnerable wires. For only 350 hryvnias (cost of 850 grams of plastic), you can print 77 sets of protective caps. This will potentially save at least 385,000 hryvnias. As a result, you will ensure stable communication on the front line, and also effectively use limited financial resources for more important combat needs.

What if you ask me about drones?

I will be happy to answer this question, and I also want to draw attention to drone pilots. Too often they manually launch combat drones with little regard for their own safety. Today, it is possible to change this state of affairs by using 3D printing to make safe platforms for launching drones. These platforms not only protect operators, but also ensure stable and reliable drone launch. In addition, these platforms can be used in educational institutions to train future pilots, helping them to master the technique of safely launching drones from the very beginning of their training.

Screenshot 2. The drone on the launch platform


⁃ In other words, ordinary people joined together and made a large-scale Army Print project. At home, at work, in scientific buildings, 3D products are printed, everyone who has a printer can join the team and help our servicemen sitting from home, even if you do not know how to print, but want to – they will teach you if you do not have the opportunity to print, but there is plastic – you just need to contact Druk Armii and they will answer all your questions. They provide all measurements and sizes, you just need to write or call.

⁃ 3D Print Army does everything possible to ensure that the military does not have to spend its own money on products necessary for the defense of Ukraine. Every Ukrainian is personally interested in the effective work of the Armed Forces. Of course, everything has its cost, and printers make every effort to reduce and ensure the maximum efficiency of the work of donor funds: buy equipment, use their professional skills, connections, etc.

⁃ They can print the necessary components for your products (cases or other parts) to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military needs spare parts and those who want to offer their idea for the manufacture of any product can contact us using any communication channel on the site.

by clicking on the link, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the official page of the Print Army

Study, read and learn from others, and do not shy away from your own…


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