Secrets of the factory, behind the scenes of the production of “S-300” and “S-400” missiles

11 December 2023 7 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Voskresensk in Focus: The Core of Russian Missile Production

The investigation opens the veil of secrets surrounding the Voskresensky plant, which specializes in the production of S-300, S-400, and S-500 missiles. Located near Moscow, this plant is one of Russia’s largest military plants, producing missiles that have been used to bombard Ukrainian cities such as Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kostiantynivka, and Kramatorsk. Analysts found out that in addition to anti-aircraft missile systems, the plant also produces missiles for the S-400 “Triumph”, the system of which was used in the war against Ukraine. In 2021, the Voskresen plant became part of the Russian state company Almaz-Antey, one of the largest manufacturers of missile systems, radar systems and other military equipment.

The plant has been subject to international sanctions from the EU, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Ukraine, which indicates its role in the military conflict and the use of its products for military operations. The study also found that the plant carried out export operations for the supply of missiles to China and Costa Rica, but in recent years the plan for the purchase of goods and services was fulfilled only by 42.26%. In this article, you will find an in-depth analysis of the activities of the Resurrection Plant, an important manufacturer S-300, S-400, and S-500 missiles. We examine in detail its production specifications, history, as well as its role in the military conflict with Ukraine. In addition, you will find information about the international sanctions imposed on the plant and its connections with the Russian state company Almaz-Antey. The export operations of the plant and its current economic condition are also analyzed.

What does Voskresensky plant produce?

Voskresensky plant, one of the largest military plants in Russia, is located near Moscow. This is exactly the factory where the occupiers produced z-300, z-400 and z-500 missiles, and the Russians opened fire in Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kostiantynivka and Kramatorsk. Molfar analysts found out what other missiles are produced there, where this factory is located and even how its workshops are located. Read about all this in the article.

In the evening of October 21, two explosions rang out in the city of Kharkiv – a Russian rocket hit the Novaya Poshta office. Later, experts found fragments of a Russian S-300 missile at the site of the explosion. It was probably launched from the territory of the Belgorod region. S-300, S-350, S-400 — all these missiles were created for air defense systems. But the Russians also use them for strikes on civilian objects.

The 5P85SM launcher of the S-300PM1 complex on parade in Moscow, 2009

The Voskresen plant specializes in the production of missiles for various Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

Missiles for S-300

The Russian-made S-300 complex. It uses rockets from the Voskresen plant

Missiles for S-350 “Vityaz”

The S-350 “Vityaz” complex was developed taking into account modern and promising threats in the air space. Its main purpose is to provide protection against aerospace threats.

Missiles for S-400 “Triumph”

The S-400 Triumph is Russia’s modern anti-aircraft missile system designed to disable all available air targets, from reconnaissance drones to ballistic missiles.

In the war against Ukraine, the Russians repeatedly used this system. In particular, they claim that it was the Russian S-400 that shot down the plane of Ukrainian Su-27 pilot Oleksandr Oksanchenko.

Probably, the Voskresensky plant also assembles missiles for the Buk-M2 (1, 2), since the photo and logo of the plant shows a variant of the Buk system, and the Russians also ordered Buk mock-ups for their own museum of air defense systems and air defense systems: “Buk-M2, ZRK “Kub ”, S-400 and “Bastion” (modification of ZRK Kub) in 2018 (1, 2).

Where is Russian missile production located?

Production premises of the Voskresen factory

The plant itself is located in a closed forested area with an area of 10,000 hectares. In addition to VGKAZ, there are 3 test grounds (tank, aviation, general), a branch for the production of “Salyut” engines, the hulls are filled with earth in case of explosions.

Address: Moscow region, Beloozyorsk township, st. Tsiolkovsky 6. On the left, you can see the Salyut MVZ factory
Salut Naval Academy

FKP “GkNIPAS” is a scientific testing ground for aviation equipment. It has licenses for its own development and testing of helicopters, airplanes, parts of UAVs, aircraft engines, operating stands, on-board instruments for recording flights. Conducts tests of new aircraft models. In 2018, director Oleg Pronin sold aircraft engines to Ukraine, for which he received criminal proceedings in Russia.

KB Isayeva, Khimmash is an experimental design bureau specializing in the development of aviation and space engines.

Location addresses

Part of the plant (operator TK-2 (inv. number 2270): Moscow region, Faustovo village, 4 Budivelnikiv street. Test site for VMZ “Salyut” and VGKAZ: industrial site in the village of Faustovo, in Beloozorskyi settlement.

This picture shows that some workshops of the Voskresne factory are covered with earth

Barracks: Voskresensk, Beloe Ozero, str. Shoseyna, p29.

Some interesting locations at the factory

Here we have gathered a list of some of the production facilities and warehouses that are the largest and most important to the enterprise.

This table describes only a part of the locations located on the territory of Voskresensky Plant.

Then their satellite coordinates:

The map shows the location of some objects on the territory of Voskresensky Plant

Video surveillance at the plant

In 2019, the Russians updated the video surveillance system for buildings #1 and 25:

Scheme of coverage of video cameras around the workshops of the Voskresen plant

Video surveillance for building #43, which was updated in 2019, is marked in purple.

Automotive workshop
How the cameras shoot the railway shop of the Voskresen plant
an overview of the operation of the cameras on the housing 43

Reorganization of the enterprise – connection with “Almaz-Antey”

In 2021-2010, VGKAZ became a part of the State Company for the Production of Missiles mainly for the Almaz-Antey air defense system. 1. “Almaz-Antey” is a state-owned enterprise of Russia and one of the largest state-owned military companies in the world. The main profile of activity is the development and production of missile complexes, radar complexes and other types of military equipment. Almaz-Antey plays an important role in the Russian military-industrial complex and is responsible for the supply of modern air defense systems for the Russian army.

In the context of aggression against Ukraine and other illegal military actions carried out by Russia, Almaz-Antey is in the spotlight because of its role in the production and supply of weapons used against the civilian population and infrastructure of neighboring countries. From 2014 to 2023, repair works are carried out in office and industrial buildings according to state orders. And in 2023, the ownership structure of legal entities was reorganized into a joint-stock company.

  • The Voskresen plant has been sanctioned by the EU, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Ukraine.

During 2015, the company carried out 7 operations for the export of missiles and components of anti-aircraft defense systems z-300PMU-2 to China and Costa Rica for a total amount of 129 million manats. In the period from 2020 to 2023, the plant planned to purchase goods and services for a total amount of 2,500 million dollars, but made 194 purchases for a smaller amount – 1,087 million dollars. Thus, the procurement plan was completed by 42.26%.

Analyze the dynamics of purchases from 2021 to 2022, after the Voskresen plant became part of the Almar-Antey company, the volume of purchases in 2020 decreased by 69.3% of the volume. This may indicate that the purchase of goods and materials will most likely be carried out through the Almaz-Antey enterprise.

The information was taken from the open sources of Molfar

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