Export of grain by Russia from Sevastopol to Syria

31 May 2024 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

We are talking about the voyage of the MATROS SHEVCHENKO ship to occupied Sevastopol, where it loaded 27,150.05 tons of wheat at the Avlita grain terminal and headed for Syria. The ship is owned by a company that is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. The article details the history of the vessel, violations related to its activities, and provides documents confirming the illegal export of grain from the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The article is taken from open source myrotvorets news

Let’s start the investigation

MATROS SHEVCHENKO made another flight to occupied Sevastopol, loaded 27,150.05 tons of wheat at the Avlit grain terminal and is going to Syria. The vessel belongs to the company CRANE MARINE CONTRACTOR, which belongs to the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

MATROS SHEVCHENKO (IMO: 9574195, MMSI 273611850) arrived in the Black Sea on April 28, 2024. On April 29, 2024, at 23:17 UTC, the vessel stopped reporting to AIS.


The ship is named after the Ukrainian Hnat Volodymyrovych Shevchenko, the hero of the defense of Sevastopol in 1854–1855. Another vessel involved in the export of grain from occupied Sevastopol is named after another legendary Ukrainian, Kishka Petro Markovych. Obviously, this is the policy of the Russian occupiers.

Ship management

The ship changed its name and flag in February 2023, at the same time the ship was reoriented to export grain from occupied Sevastopol. However, there is no information on the new owner in the shipping database.

Violation history

We present the report of SeaKrime journalists about the illegal entry of the MATROS SHEVCHENKO vessel into occupied Sevastopol. MATROS SHEVCHENKO first arrived in occupied Sevastopol in February 2023, after changing the flag and name of the vessel.

The 2nd flight took place in March 2023.

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

September 2023

October 2023

Bill of lading

The SeaKrime project received from the KibOrg community a bill of lading drawn up for the cargo of the MATROS SHEVCHENKO ship in occupied Sevastopol, we publish a screenshot of this document.

The bill of lading contains the following data

  • Exporter: LLC “PALLADA”, 344068, 45 LARINA STR., BUILDING 2, ROOM 4, ROSTOV REGION, ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA (TIN: 6161095847).


  • Cargo: SOFT BREAD WHEAT IN BULK, CUSTOMS CODE 1001990000 27150.05 tons.

  • Port of destination Tartus or Latakia (Syria).

  • The document was drawn up on the eve of the ship’s departure from occupied Sevastopol on May 26, 2024 and was signed by Captain Volodymyr Horbenko.

Cargo Manifest

The information in the document coincides with the bill of lading, note that the shipowner is CRANE MARINE CONTRACTOR CO LTD.

Insurance certificate

The company that insures criminal flights to the occupied Crimea is VSK Insurance Joint Stock Company (TIN: 7710026574, website, Wikipedia), one of the largest insurance companies of the Russian Federation.

In the insurance certificate, the ship owner is indicated – LLC “KMK”, located at the address of Astrakhan, str. Admirala Nakhimova, 60. The Crane Marine Contractor company is located at this address (TIN: 3017037780).

Phytosanitary certificate

Document No. 760236607260524001 dated 05/26/2024 was issued for the supply of wheat to Syria.


The data in the phytosanitary certificate regarding the cargo, the exporter and the recipient of the grain coincide with the bill of lading.

The document was signed by V.Yu. Havrylova, an official of the occupation service for veterinary and phytosanitary supervision (territorial division), a citizen of Ukraine.

Permit to import agricultural products

2 documents No. 71819 and No. 71820 from the official body of the Ministry of Agriculture of Syria, each of which allows the Pallada company to bring 175 thousand tons to Syria. of wheat, a total of 350 thousand tons

Permission was granted for wheat, which is of Russian origin, but there is evidence that the Pallada company is importing to Syria grain harvested in the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russian aggressor.

The document was issued on 25/04/2024, valid until 31/12/2024, and was signed by the Director of Plant Protection of the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Iyad Muhammad.


MATROS SHEVCHENKO made a flight to occupied Sevastopol, loaded 27,150.05 tons of wheat at the Avlita grain terminal and is on its way to Syria. The article provides evidence that the vessel belongs to the CRANE MARINE CONTRACTOR company, which belongs to the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

The information was taken from open sources

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