The US Army is using the new M-LIDS anti-drone system for the first time to protect a floating pier in the Gaza Strip

22 May 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

The US military continues to actively improve its defense capabilities, responding to the growing threats associated with the use of drones. The deployment of the M-LIDS (Mobile-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Integrated Defeat System) demonstrates the importance of developing effective methods of countering modern technologies in the combat zone.

M-LIDS consists of two M-ATV vehicles equipped with specialized means to detect, track and neutralize drones. One of them, designed for electronic warfare, includes advanced command and control systems, providing situational awareness and coordination of air defense operations. Another, the Kinetic Defeat Vehicle, has a wide range of kinetic capabilities, including a 30mm cannon and a Coyote Block 2+ system.

The growing use of drones in modern conflicts poses serious challenges to traditional defense systems. Drones are becoming more affordable and versatile, allowing state and non-state actors to use them for reconnaissance, surveillance, and attacks. The development of specialized countermeasure systems, such as M-LIDS, is a response to these challenges, providing a comprehensive approach to drone defense.

The use of the M-LIDS system in the Gaza Strip is a strategic step to ensure the security of both military personnel and humanitarian missions. This system provides the U.S. military with the necessary tools to effectively counter today’s drone threats while maintaining tactical superiority in conflict zones.

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