Google pays $5 billion for “private mode” tracking

4 January 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

Google has agreed to a $5 billion settlement to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleged the company tracked users’ activities in “private mode,” marking a major victory for consumer privacy.

A landmark settlement has been announced in a class-action lawsuit against Google alleging privacy violations in its Innognito web browsing mode. The decision underscores the increasing focus on data collection practices by major technology companies.

A lawsuit filed in 2020 accused Google of surreptitiously monitoring user activity, even during private browsing sessions. The plaintiffs accused the tech giant of amassing “unaccountable amounts of information,” violating user privacy. Google has defended its practices by saying it is transparent about its data collection. Even so, the judge questioned the user’s consent, leading to a significant financial settlement from Google.

While the exact terms of the settlement are confidential, the impact goes beyond Google’s financial harm. The case sets a precedent for digital privacy and the liability of tech companies for handling user data.

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