US insurance companies use drones to assess risks

11 April 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

American insurance giants such as State Farm and Allstate are actively using aerial photographs taken by drones to analyze the condition of real estate. This practice allows them to reject home insurance applications based on the potential risks the images reveal, including neglect or proximity to potential hazards.

A WSJ report points to the insurance industry’s growing reliance on drones to collect data on property conditions. The use of drones has proven to be a cost-effective way for insurance companies to avoid the high costs of in-person inspections, especially in the context of the 144 million homes in the US. In addition, the Geospatial Insurance Consortium, founded to share geospatial data, promises “amazingly clear images” and “post-disaster images” to assess the effects of natural disasters.

Insurance companies using drones to assess risk face the challenge of finding a balance between the technology’s effectiveness and consumer protection. While technology offers a convenient way to collect data, it is important to address issues of privacy and accuracy to ensure fair and accurate insurance coverage for all property owners.

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