Turkish hackers took over cinemas in Tel Aviv

30 January 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

Exacerbation of the conflict in the region

Turkish hackers used the system of a popular movie chain in Israel to broadcast a threatening message. The incident, which occurred on January 23, is part of a growing wave of hacktivism related to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The message, written in incorrect Hebrew, contained footage of the October 7 attacks organized by the Hamas group. The hackers left threats against Israelis and said they were restricting access to the Internet and banking services. MeshSec claimed responsibility for this cyber attack.

After the attack by Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a large-scale attack on the Gaza Strip. As a result of these actions, the death toll of Palestinian civilians exceeded 26,000 people and 1.9 million people became internally displaced persons due to the actions of the Israeli military machine.


International response and legal action

The UN has described the situation in Gaza as “beyond catastrophic”, and South Africa has filed a lawsuit against Israel at the UN International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide against the Palestinians. The court’s preliminary decision is expected today, January 26. Human Rights Watch said Israeli forces are deliberately blocking the delivery of water, food and fuel, impeding humanitarian aid.

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