Ukrainian innovation in electronic warfare “Aypetri SV”

8 April 2024 1 minute

In response to the growing threat from the use of drones and other aircraft in military operations, Ukrainian engineers have developed the newest complex of radio electronic warfare (EW) “Ai-Petri SV”. The system is designed to effectively suppress the communication of enemy UAVs, identify their operators and prevent the activation of modified aerial bombs (AMBs).

The “Ai-Petri” air defense system includes a EW station, a radar station, means of combating drones, as well as the necessary means of communication and power supply. This allows you to effectively block the activity of enemy drones at a distance of up to 20 km, allowing FPV drones to “get lost” and disrupt the operation of the KAB. In addition, the system is equipped with an additional optical device that can be used both for observation and as a laser station.

The development of the Ai-Petri SV electronic warfare system is an important step forward in strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities. Thanks to innovative technologies and effective use at the front, the project not only increases the level of military security, but also demonstrates the high potential of Ukraine’s scientific and technical developments in the field of defense technologies.

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