Rhode Island State Prison Data Heist

22 December 2023 2 minutes Author: Newsman

Stealing information about prisoners and staff

The Donald Wyeth Detention Center in Rhode Island suffered a data breach that affected the personal information of approximately 2,000 inmates, staff and providers. According to the prison, the incident occurred in November, when malicious software entered the computer system and data was stolen. The investigation revealed that the attackers compromised the personal data of more than 1,450 inmates, 430 current and former employees, and about 90 third-party contractors.

Police said: “We currently believe that various types of data have been removed from the facility’s systems and placed on the dark web, including certain financial information, medical information about some inmates, specific information about current and former employees, and certain information about suppliers.” “.

Detention center named after Donald Wyatt announced this in an announcement on his website. Among the compromised information are names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, dates of birth, places of employment, positions and social security numbers. “Those affected by this incident will be notified as required by law, and those eligible will be offered free credit monitoring,” the prison said in a statement.

The institution also reported that the investigation of the incident is ongoing, and other persons who may have been affected will be notified. The prison did not provide details about the type of cyberattack, but in mid-November the hacking group Play claimed responsibility for the incident and later released the information it allegedly stole. Founded in 1993, the Detention Center named after Donald W. Wyatt, located in Central Falls, Rhode Island, is a non-profit, quasi-public prison currently operated by the Central Falls Correctional Corporation.

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