“Fly” on the Web, or how Vyacheslav Penchukov changed cybercrime

12 June 2024 2 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Vyacheslav Penchukov, known under the pseudonym “Fly”, is one of the most famous Ukrainian hackers of recent years. His practice focuses on international cybercrime, including bank theft, malware and other forms of cybercrime.

Malware attacks (Zeus and IcedID): Vyacheslav Pinchukov was responsible for Zeus and IcedID malware, which were used to steal bank data, passwords and other confidential information. These programs allowed access to victims’ bank accounts. Pinchukov and his team infected thousands of computers around the world, stealing millions of dollars. Malware has been extremely effective and widespread, causing significant damage to both individuals and organizations.

Use of Maze and Egregor ransomware: Pinchukov also led operations using the Maze ransomware, later known as Egregor and Sekhmet. These programs blocked access to computers and demanded a ransom to unlock them. They attacked large companies and organizations, including a hospital in Vermont, which caused it to shut down for two weeks. This caused significant damage and showed the seriousness of the consequences of cybercrime.

International operations and arrest: In 2021, Pinchukov was arrested by the Ukrainian police as part of an international operation carried out in cooperation with the FBI. He was arrested for his involvement in numerous cyberattack schemes and the use of malicious software. This arrest was the result of a long investigation that highlighted the scale of his criminal activities and the importance of international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

The activities of Vyacheslav Penchukov had a significant impact on cyber security both in Ukraine and at the international level. His attacks have resulted in significant financial losses for victims and created major challenges for law enforcement agencies. The detection and investigation of its activities contributed to the discovery of numerous vulnerabilities in security systems and helped to strengthen measures against cybercrime.

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