Challenges/CTFs (Part 1)

11 August 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Capture The Flag (CTF) Competition in Cyber Security: Challenges for Development and Innovation

Challenges and Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are popular formats for testing and improving cybersecurity skills. These competitions offer participants a variety of challenges and puzzles related to various aspects of cyber security such as application vulnerabilities, cryptography, signal processing, network analysis and many others. Challenges and CTFs provide a unique opportunity to develop skills in a virtual environment where participants can try out different roles as a cyber criminal, penetrator, vulnerability researcher and more. It promotes the development of technical knowledge, critical thinking and quick decision-making under limited time. Challenge organizers and CTFs often create realistic scenarios that allow participants to apply their knowledge and creativity to solve complex problems.

It can be an important supplement to traditional education and training, helping participants learn the practical aspects of cyber security. Challenges and CTFs also promote cyber security by attracting new people to the field and helping to uncover hidden talent. These competitions create a community of enthusiasts who work together to solve challenges and help each other improve their skills. Involvement in challenges and CTFs can be an exciting way to grow in the field of cybersecurity and gain the hands-on experience needed to solve real-world problems in this rapidly evolving field.


Cyber Detective CTF

Is an OSINT focused CTF created by Cardiff University’s Cyber Society There are 40 tasks in 3 streams: General Knowledge, Life on the Internet and Evidence Studies.


Cyberdefenders blueteam CTF

Is a blue team training platform for SOC analysts, threat hunters, security blue teams and DFIR professionals to improve their cyber defense skills.



A gamified platform for defenders to practice their skills in security investigations and challenge coverage; Incident response, security operations.


Cyber Investigator CTF

The Cyber Investigator CTF is a continuation of the Cyber Detective CTF and was created by the Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are over 30 free and mostly OSINT tasks consisting of a series of scenarios, testing your analytical skills!



GeoGuessr is the most fun game ever! Easy to learn but very hard to master so it’s really addicting! And at the same time you will learn a lot about the world! Love the new play with friends mode where you can create parties and play against friends and family.


OSINT Analysis & Exercises

OSINT Analysis & Exercises. Want to expand your OSINT skills or test your existing ones? Try to-do lists. They focus on the three main skills needed to become a great OSINT analyst: how to find data, how to examine data, how to analyze data.


Hackthebox CTFs

The popular online platform for Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges in the cyber security industry. On this platform, participants get the opportunity to improve their skills by looking for vulnerabilities, solving puzzles and carrying out attacks in a controlled virtual environment.



Kasescenarios is an interactive platform specialized in creating and solving real case scenarios in the field of cyber security. This platform allows users to practice their skills in solving situations related to vulnerabilities, attacks, data protection and other aspects of cyber security.


NMP hackathon

The NMP Hackathon is an exciting event that brings together cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals for an intense creative competition. This hackathon offers participants to solve real challenges and tasks related to vulnerabilities, data protection, threat analysis and other cyber security aspects.



It is an online platform specifically designed for training and improving skills in the field of open source intelligence (OSINT). This platform provides participants with the opportunity to access a variety of tools, resources, and tasks aimed at learning how to collect, analyze, and interpret public information in order to obtain valuable data.

CLICK HERE CTF CTF is an online platform specifically designed for Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions with an emphasis on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). This platform provides participants with an opportunity to test and improve their skills and knowledge in collecting, analyzing and using public information to solve various tasks.


OSINT: Corporate Recon

Specialized branch of open source intelligence (OSINT) that focuses on the collection and analysis of public information to obtain data on corporate structures, activities, and business entities. This section of OSINT plays an important role in intelligence and analysis of the competitive environment, identification of risks and identification of business opportunities.


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