13 May 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

And where to start? Here I am, here the computer is on the table, I’m a hacker ???

 Not yet, but you’re already moving in the right direction. Nothing is given just like that. You have to make an effort (believe me, my friend, they are minimal). So decide now:

The first two points, dear mother hackers, I will leave to you for self-study, the third point is more important, we will talk about it later in the section “Privacy”. Now I would like to partially touch on the fourth point – it’s software and all the necessary programs and plugins that can and should be used by mother hackers in order to remain anonymous and as secure as possible. And if you don’t have them, you will even have to spend on some of them, this will be your first conscious contribution to your safety and education. Did you go?

1. Antiviruses

Of course, my 3 modest recommendations open this hit parade: Nod32, Bitdefender; Well, Trend Micro for Mac fans. Antivirus – Malware Detector is a computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malware. Antivirus protects your computer from many threats, such as ransomware , rootkits, trojans, spyware, phishing attacks or botnets.
Without going into technical details, let’s just say that the way the antivirus scans for infections doesn’t really protect against current threats. Believe me, in addition to antivirus, you need other things, and I’ll tell you about them later in the “Privacy” section, and for now let’s continue to study what we need to work.


Proton VPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, Open VPN
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is often used to bypass blockages to access a site or service that is blocked in your country. In our case, we see VPN technology as protecting our data from anyone trying to find out what we do online. Simply put, a VPN connects our computer or phone through an encrypted virtual tunnel to a remote server through which we access the Internet. This server can be located in any country. Our ISP may know that we are using a VPN, but may not know for what purpose. We become a foreign user for the authorities and the sites we visit. I definitely don’t recommend skimping on VPNs, free versions usually consume tons of internet and protection is not what you need. I recommend saving on rolls in the cafeteria and by the end of the month you will definitely save $ 10 on a paid VPN.

3. Virtual machine

I consider this method of deanonymization one of the most important and most important for any mother’s hacker, at any level. Of the recommendations, only two, but the most worthy candidates (VirtualBox and VMware). Virtual machine – is a special software for running the operating system within the operating system. The second OS is installed on a PC, but runs on it as a standard program. Simply put, it’s a computer. The virtual machine works in a separate window as a normal program: you can minimize or, conversely, expand to full screen. In fact, a virtual machine has its own processor, memory, disk, network adapter, and other hardware. All this is emulated by a real PC, which shares its resources with the virtual. Guest OS considers non-existent hardware real. It is reflected in the properties of the system, and the installed programs interact with it as a real one. At the same time, the virtual machine itself is completely isolated from the real computer, although it can access its disk and peripherals.

4. Antidetective or anonymous browser

These are browsers that focus on privacy. They do not collect user activity data online. The information is stored locally on the computer or encrypted, and the browser does not have access to it. Such browsers are virtually unable to track the online activity of their users. But as sad as it may sound, no browser can guarantee you 100% anonymity. Therefore we do not use a separate element, and we build system. About it, of course, too we don’t forget. TOR, Incogniton, Indigo Browser, Linken Sphere (everything is obvious here).

Well, most likely, in the future you will need a large number of different proxy servers, but we will not run ahead. Also, just in case of fire,  It is worth mentioning that Linux is only theoretically safer than Windows, and if it were not bombed by Android fans, ios will still be more reliable than the green robot. repeat).

  Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards mastering the most relevant profession of the 21st century by becoming part of the mother hacker community. As a “great” expert in the field of Hacking or Hacking, I can say for sure that this profession is one of the most difficult in the world and can be mastered only by Tibetan monks or those  were chosen by the matrix. Download the Trinity program, we go… In fact, all this is of course complete nonsense, and to become a hacker, you need the same as you need for any other profession: time, patience, perseverance and the team of a mother hacker who will to help you in your quest to become better and smarter.

So it’s time to start.

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