About us

Hello, dear friend! We are very glad to see you on our portal, we are sure that you will be able to find a lot of new and interesting things here! But, to begin with, we would like to tell a little about the place where you got to and about the people who created it.

About the portal

Since the beginning of the full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, the HackYourMom team has appeared. This is a group of cyber volunteers who, from the very first days, began their active actions in cyberspace, directed against the Russian occupation, with the aim of inflicting maximum damage in all possible directions, starting from the informational, psychological and hacking direction, ending with combat intelligence.

Over time, there were more and more of us and we began to publish articles with recommendations on cyber security and training materials for “warfare” programs and methods, which we already actively used in the work against Russia. The most relevant topics have become whole sections that have helped educate more than one couch warrior. This is how the “Cyberwar” section appeared with its OSINT and GEOINT academies and other sections in which we collect quality information for teaching ethical hacking, current news of the cyber world and other educational articles that increase the level of knowledge and digital hygiene among the Ukrainian population.

But our activities do not end with cyber war or news, we also try to actively influence the development of our country, not only in cyberspace, but also in real life.

Therefore, HackYourMom is not just an information portal – it is a movement of people who strive to improve themselves and their country, and we invite you to join this movement!

About the team
About the team

The HackYourMom team is people united by ideas whose time has come. Our team is not the “characters” who created the portal and fill it with articles and news.

Our team is all those who don’t know, but do. Everyone who helps to beat Russia in cyberspace, everyone who offers interesting and useful articles for publication, everyone who completes tasks in the application, everyone who criticizes us and points out our shortcomings, all couch warriors who try to influence the course of the war together with us, people , who offer their ideas and hands to implement them, this is the real HackYourMom team.

There are already hundreds of such people, and every day our team is getting bigger, and the ideas that unite us are also getting stronger, and if you are already here, then most likely, we have the same ideas!

Our goals 🚀

Cyber war
We help the Armed Forces and educate the best couch warriors
We collect the highest quality educational materials from around the world
Anonymity and security
We care about your safety more than you, fix it!😆
If information is a weapon, then we are HIMARS
Development of the IT industry
Digitization is not on paper, but in minds
Search for like-minded people
We know you are here somewhere, it`s time to unite

As you can see, my friend, you have come to an unusual place, we do not like stupid people who think in stereotypes and live in the past, we like critical thinking and constructive criticism. We are not trying to sell you something, but we are giving knowledge for free, we do not want fame or popularity, millions of likes and views, we just want to find people close in spirit who have the same values as us and together change ourselves and everything that surrounds us.

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