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10 November 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Protecting Your Wi-Fi Network: Effective Pentest Tools

In today’s cyber security world, Wi-Fi networks are one of the most vulnerable points for cyber attacks. Pentest, or Wi-Fi penetration testing, is becoming a key element in protecting network infrastructure. In this article, we’ll walk you through a set of Wi-Fi pentest tools that will not only help you identify potential vulnerabilities, but also protect your network from unauthorized access. In the first stage of the Wi-Fi pentest, experts use specialized software to scan wireless networks for the purpose of detecting available connection points and determining their security settings. This allows you to analyze vulnerabilities and potential entry routes for hackers.

Next, Wi-Fi security auditing tools allow you to assess the strength of the encryption and authentication used on the network. They can also be used to test passwords and identify weak points in network security policies. In addition to tools for testing and auditing, we will consider methods of protecting Wi-Fi networks. From router settings to the use of sophisticated encryption mechanisms, a properly configured network can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access. We will also emphasize the importance of regular software and hardware updates, as many attacks exploit known vulnerabilities that could be addressed with the latest security patches. In this article, you will find everything you need to effectively assess the security of your Wi-Fi network and protect it from potential cyber threats. Wi-Fi security isn’t just about protecting your network, it’s about protecting the privacy and data of everyone who uses it.



EvilAP_Defender Wireless network protection from fake access points.

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A tool to find and discover Wi-Fi Pineapple on the network.

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Kismetclient is a Python client for interacting with the Kismet server.

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A system for auditing wireless networks, detecting and preventing intrusions.

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Wireless network detector, sniffer and intrusion detection system.

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An open and modular intrusion prevention system (IPS) for wireless networks.

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Detection of rogue access points and wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS).

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A simple solution to detect and locate rogue access points.

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A platform for discovering and analyzing 802.11 wireless networks in a web application interface.

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A method of detecting suspicious activity, such as WEP/WPA/WPS attacks, by sniffing wireless packets.

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An automated tool for wireless network security auditing and wireless forensics using Python.

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Wraith is a tool for wireless reconnaissance and intelligence gathering of targets.

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A tool for creating a wireless network identity detection system. Allows you to determine which clients are connected to the network.

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A simple Python script used to detect and block malicious hotspots and traps using the Karma attack, such as Wi-Fi Pineapple.

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A lightweight IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN analyzer with a text interface. Its basic functions are similar to tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark or Kismet.

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