Create and configure a VMWare virtual machine on Windows with a Windows 11 ISO image

2 August 2023 5 minutes Author: D2-R2

Virtual machines play an important role in many areas such as software development, application testing, security, data recovery, and more. They allow you to isolate and separate different operating systems and programs, which allows you to reduce the risk of interaction and conflicts between them. This guide focuses on installing and configuring VMWare on the new Windows 11 operating system. It will cover all the necessary steps to install VMWare, choose the optimal settings and options for your needs, create and manage virtual machines.

What is the difference between VMware Workstation Player and Virtual Box?

Virtual machines are becoming a key tool for those seeking maximum security in the online space. They create an isolated environment that effectively blocks out potential threats and malware. Using a virtual machine reduces the risk of compromising the underlying system and provides an additional layer of protection against intrusions. Thus, for those who want to keep their data safe, virtual machines are becoming an indispensable tool in today’s digital world. VMware Player and VirtualBox are two well-known virtualization platforms for creating a virtual machine. Their key difference is that VMware Player is free for personal use only, while VirtualBox is completely free and open source software available for personal and commercial use. VMware Player is developed by VMware, a leader in virtualization, while VirtualBox is owned by Oracle. “Oracle” is an American corporation that specializes in the production of software, hardware for computing and other products and services in the field of information technology. VirtualBox, thanks to its transparent operation, has a larger set of features and settings, so we consider this virtual machine to be the best. Also, VirtualBox provides more flexible options and this is all thanks to its open source. On top of that, compatibility in VirtualBox, thanks to its open nature, supports a wider range of operating systems compared to VMware Player. Both tools, VMWare Player and VirtualBox, have their merits and each of them may be better depending on the specific use case scenario. The best way to determine which app best suits your needs is to install both and experiment with them. Only practice will help you figure out which virtual machine best meets your requirements.

We download the image of our OC Windows

Step 1

Go to the browser

Step 3

Click as indicated on the screenshot

Step 4

Select the language and click “Confirm”

Step 5

Click as indicated on the screenshot

Step 6

We are waiting for the file to be installed

Installing VMware on Windows 11

Step 8

Click “Download now”

Step 9

Waiting for the download to finish

Step 10

Double click on the downloaded file

Step 11

Click “Next”

Step 12

Check the box and click “Next”

Step 13

Click “Next”

Step 14

Click “Next”

Step 15

Pay attention to the screenshot, there is no need to put any ticks here, just click “Next”

Step 16

Click “Next”

Step 17

Click “Install”

Step 18

We are waiting for the download, then click “Next”

Step 19

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded the program for the virtual machine. Later in the instructions, we will tell you how to download OC Windows 11 to the same virtual machine

Installing OC Windows 11 in a virtual machine

Step 20

Go to VMWare

Step 21

But we are looking for the “Create a new Virtual Machine” section

Step 22

We choose where we want to install and click “Next”

Step 23

Click “Next”

Step 24

Click as indicated on the screenshot

Step 25

Allocate space for our virtual machine and click “Next”

Step 26

Click “Finish”

Step 27

We are waiting for the download to finish

Setting up Windows 11 in a virtual machine

Step 28


Step 29

Click “Next”

Step 30

Click “No key” and “Next”

Step 31

Click “Next”

Step 32

We accept the conditions and move on

Step 33

Click as indicated on the screenshot

Step 34

We leave everything and click, as in the screenshot

Step 35

Select the country and click “Yes”

Step 36

Click “Next”

Step 37

We come up with a name for our device and click “Next”

Step 38

Go to the browser

Step 39

Go to the link:

Step 40

The mail to be copied is generated automatically

Step 41

Add an account and click “Next”

Step 42

Click as indicated on the screenshot

Step 43

Click “Next”

Step 44

Create a password and click “Next”

Step 45

Fill in the data and click “Next”

Step 46

Choose your date of birth and click “Next”

Step 47

We go back to the window with FakeMail, where we received the confirmation code

Step 48

Copy the security code

Step 49

Insert the security code, click the check mark and “Next”

Step 50

We create a PIN code

Step 51

Click “Next”

Step 52

Click “Skip”

Step 53

Click “Continue”

Step 54

We wait and do not turn off the PC

Step 55

Congratulations, you have configured and installed the virtual machine, enjoy using it

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