The transformative power of VPNs: changing the world of connectivity

10 June 2023 6 minutes Author: D2-R2

Addressing the digital revolution: how VPNs are changing connectivity

In the digital age, virtual private networks (VPNs) have become a powerful tool that is changing the way we connect, communicate and navigate the online world. Originally designed to provide secure remote access to corporate networks, VPNs have become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing the way we access information, protect our privacy, and promote freedom of expression. This text describes how VPNs are changing the world and transforming our digital landscape in many ways. In an age where online privacy is increasingly at risk, a VPN provides an important layer of protection.

One of the most significant impacts of VPNs is their ability to overcome geographic barriers. By connecting to a VPN server located in another country, users can bypass regional restrictions and access content that might otherwise be unavailable due to censorship, copyright restrictions, or geoblocking. This new access to information and media from around the world promotes cross-cultural understanding and facilitates the free flow of ideas, ultimately contributing to a more interconnected global community. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have revolutionized the digital landscape, changing the way we navigate and connect to the Internet. From overcoming geographic barriers and protecting online privacy to empowering dissidents and improving business operations, VPNs have ushered in a new era of connectivity and security. As we continue to rely on the Internet for many aspects of our lives, VPNs play a vital role in keeping the Internet secure, open, and truly global.

You kept talking about the proton, what’s wrong with it? Is he still bad? Is it now that advertising? No. Our team’s constant pursuit of new solutions and technologies is a testament to our commitment to innovation and improvement. We understand that in our fast-paced world, as well as in your specialization, stagnation in technology and resources can lead to lost opportunities and solutions. We are constantly actively looking for new ideas, technologies and approaches to improve, improve and automate this or that process. It is important for us not only to configure the working mechanism, but also to transfer this knowledge to the community. We are truly a team that demonstrates the proactive mindset that is critical to success in today’s dynamic cyberspace.

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN –  VPN-the service, which began its existence in 2009 and has proven itself very well during its work.

Today, a commercial service called Mull is worth talking about. It is paid, but mine is not worth more than 5 bucks of security. Please note that the VPN is open source, their team is really focused on user privacy and does not require any personal information, and also distributes vipien codes for NCOs for free. It’s super easy to use the service. Generate an account number, this is your login, it’s also a password, it’s strange, isn’t it? You don’t even need an email address to create an account. Then you just throw money into the account of several options on how to do this, including, of course, our favorite crypto.

  • Absence of any attachment to a person (when registering, the service does not require anything from you, your login and password are 16 digits);
  • Mullvad has servers in more than 40 countries. Choosing a VPN provider with a server closest to you will reduce the latency of the network traffic you send. This is due to a shorter route (fewer flights) to the destination;
  • Open source code (absolutely all applications available in Mullvad are open source);
  • Country of registration Sweden (and as we all know, this country cares about its security);
  • Continuous improvement of the product (regular updates and new features).

Mullvad Browser

A specialized web browser designed to improve online anonymity and security. Mullvad Browser includes Tor and Mullvad VPN features to provide users with a perfect privacy solution.

Mullvad Browser is a version of Tor Browser with Tor network integration removed, aimed at providing Tor Browser’s anti-fingerprinting technologies to VPN users. Developed by the Tor Project and distributed by Mullvad, without using a VPN, the Mullvad browser provides the same protection against simple fingerprinting scenarios as other private browsers.

For the strongest protection against fingerprinting, we recommend using a virtual machine that has the Mullvad browser in combination with a VPN, whether it’s Mullvad or another recommended VPN provider.

By using a Mullvad browser VPN, you share a fingerprint and a pool of IP addresses with many other users, creating a “crowd” to blend in with. This strategy is the only way to prevent advanced tracking scenarios, and it is the same anti-fingerprinting technique used by the Tor browser. Note that while you can use Mullvad Browser with any VPN provider, other users of that VPN must also be using Mullvad Browser for this “crowd” to exist, which is more likely with Mullvad VPN compared to other providers, especially so close to launch Mullvad browser. Mullvad Browser does not have a built-in VPN connection, nor does it check if you are using a VPN before browsing; your VPN connection is up to you, so enable KillSwitch.

Mullvad Browser has uBlock Origin and NoScript extensions installed. It is not recommended to add additional extensions and it is important not to remove or modify these pre-installed extensions as this will make your browser fingerprint different. The browser also includes the Mullvad browser extension, which can be removed if desired without touching your fingerprinting and stored harmlessly even if you are not using Mullvad VPN. The Mullvad browser is always in private browsing mode, which means your history, cookies and other site data are erased every time you close the browser, so no prying eyes and handles will get anything but your bookmarks, browser settings and extension settings are preserved.

Mullvad Leta

This is a privacy-focused search engine that Mullvad provides to our VPN customers.

  • This system is a proxy server between you and the Google Search API (yes, that’s it). Mullvad Leta is a Frontend for Google Search API. The request you make first goes to the Mullvad Leta server, which then makes that request to the Google Search API, thereby anonymizing the user.
  • Mullvad Leta queries Google’s Paid Search API directly (which is why it’s limited to paid subscribers), but because of this limitation, Mullvad can correlate searches and Mullvad VPN accounts. For this reason, we do not recommend using Mullvad Leta, even though Mullvad collects very little information about its VPN subscribers.

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