Installing Discord and setting up your Midjourney account

8 July 2023 4 minutes
Author: D2-R2

Discord – A platform for communication and communication

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  1. We’ve got a face record from MidJourney

  2. Confirmation of the face post Discord

  3. We’ve got a face record from MidJourney

Setting up a MidJourney account

Step 1

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 2

Go to the link:

Step 3

Click “Download for Windows”

Step 4

The automatic download will begin, after the download is complete, launch the file

Step 5

Click “Register”

Step 6


Create an account, click on the checkmark, then click “Continue”

Step 7

We pass the CAPTCHA

Step 8


The first stage is completed, we have registered in Discord

Verifying your Discord account

Step 9

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 10

Click as shown in the image

Step 11

Go to Gmail

Step 12


After registration, we received a letter from Discord, open it

Step 13


We confirm Email

Step 14

Open a new tab in the browser

Setting up a MidJourney account

Step 16

Click “Sign in with Discord”

Step 17

Click “Authorize”

Step 18

Go to “Purchase Plan”

Step 19

You can choose any plan, the next steps will be the same. Click “Subscribe”

Step 20

We fill in the data for payment and wait for a message from your bank confirming the withdrawal of funds for the subscription. We confirm it and move on

Step 21

We confirm that we are human

Step 22

If you see this window, then the payment was successful, everything worked out for you

Step 23

Click on “Join the Discord”

Step 24

Joining Midjourney

Step 25

We are logged into Discord

Step 26

Go to any room named “newbies” and start using Midjourney

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