№9. ScannerBox. Scanning of sources of confidential information of the enterprise

10 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Endpool

Confidential information – protect your data

Confidential information is information that is in the possession, use or disposal of individual individuals or legal entities and is disclosed at their request. Confidential information, together with official and secret information, belongs to information with limited access. Information with limited access is information to which a limited number of persons have access and whose termination is prohibited by the information manager in accordance with the law. Restriction of access to information in the interests of national security or protection of legal rights of individuals and legal entities. Importantly! Access to information is limited, not to the document. However, one document contains open and closed information, then open information can be provided for perusal to an interested person in the case of a separate document.

According to the content, it can be seen that the information with limited access can be the following: confidential information; secret information – information, access to which is limited and the disclosure of which can cause harm to a person, society and the state. Information that contains state, professional, bank secrets, investigative secrets and other information prescribed by law is recognized as secret. Requirements for working with confidential information of the enterprise. The leakage of information outside the institution can cause both reputational and material damage to it. Data available to a narrow circle of persons in connection with the performance of their official duties, due to their negligence, bribery or illegal actions of third parties, often fall into the hands of criminals or fraudsters. What is confidential information, how to ensure its legitimate use and protection? According to security experts, today the most common and dangerous type of internal threat is information leakage. Often, the source of such a threat is unscrupulous employees of the institution who, in accordance with their official duties, have access to confidential information and use it for the benefit of third parties. As evidenced by judicial practice, the company’s losses in this case are often much greater than from fraud or theft.

Software for scanning on the example of Github


An advanced search tool capable of finding an IP address/URL.

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Used to gather any important information from GitHub.

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Find confidential files, content, and information on GitHub.

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Github leak scanner for enterprise and private individuals.

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Advanced search tool of information and automation on Github.

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Searches for high-entropy strings across Git repositories.

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Automatically launch hacking Google queries on the target domain.

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A CLI tool that finds secrets such as passwords, private keys.

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Scanning Github for leaks of important confidential information.

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Support for github token management and user management.

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A tool to capture all git secrets with multiple search tools.

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Github Confidential Leak important Monitoring by vipkid SRC.

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Docker and web monitor to find secrets, sensitive files and any sensitive information on GitHub.

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A GitHub scanning tool that identifies encrypted credentials using machine learning models.

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Find a RegEx-based API public key and get usage methods for some of the found keys.

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