Airplane-type drones “Dual tail beam U-tail”

8 April 2024 1 minute Author: Murder

Aircraft-type drones with “Dual boom and U-tail” are a special type of drones with a unique tail design. This design is characterized by the presence of two tail beams, which come from the rear of the fuselage and end with vertical tails, forming a “P”-shaped shape. This design allows for better stabilization and control during flight, especially in difficult meteorological conditions and when performing maneuvers.

Double tail beam U-shaped tail

Стрепет С

It has a fuselage with low wings and two engines. Its U-shaped tail with two vertical stabilizers can provide better stability and maneuverability in flight, as well as the ability to reduce radar reflection for increased stealth.


Rapid-UA AG-CS3M

This single-engine, high-wing UAV can be used for agricultural monitoring, mapping, or even small cargo transportation, depending on its configuration. U-shaped tail with two vertical stabilizers improves flight stability and control accuracy.



It appears to be a model with a more traditional configuration, including a low-wing fuselage and a four-wheel landing gear that provides the ability to take off and land on various surfaces. The U-shaped tail improves aerodynamic characteristics.


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