№5. Pest Analysis Tools. Dynamic analysis and sandbox tools

30 June 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Dynamic Analysis and Sandbox Tools for Software Security

Dynamic analysis and sandboxing tools are essential for effective software testing and security. They allow for detailed analysis of program execution in a real environment, which helps identify potential problems and vulnerabilities that may be unreachable during static analysis. These tools provide an opportunity to monitor the flow of program execution, control its interaction with the system, and check compliance with security rules. They allow you to detect anomalous behavior, unreliable data, suspicious activity and malware. This allows you to increase the level of security of the program and provide protection against malicious attacks.

Sandboxes, on the other hand, create an isolated environment for the program to run, where it does not have direct access to the real system. This allows programs to run in a secure container that limits their capabilities and prevents possible system damage if malicious or dangerous activity is detected. Sandboxes help ensure security, isolate vulnerable applications from the main system, and improve overall security. In general, dynamic analysis and sandboxing tools are indispensable for effective software testing and security. They help identify and fix vulnerabilities, provide protection against malware, and help improve software security and reliability.

Dynamic analysis and sandbox tools

Cuckoo Sandbox

It is a very powerful tool for analyzing malware and identifying information security threats. This is an open source project that provides an opportunity to create isolated virtual environments to execute malicious files and observe their behavior.

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Injects JavaScript snippets into native Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android apps, allowing you to modify and debug running processes. Frida does not require access to the source code and can be used on non-jailbroken or non-rooted iOS and Android.

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Qubes OS

A secure operating system based on the concept of separation of environments. Uses the Xen hypervisor and consists of a set of separate virtual machines. Can serve as a site for pest research, but does not include specialized tools for their analysis.

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An open source debugger for Windows designed for reverse engineering of malicious files. It is distinguished by a large list of specialized plugins.

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A sandbox with the function of automatic unpacking of malicious software. Built on Cuckoo. Allows classification based on Yara signatures.

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Dynamic Executable Code Analysis Framework is a binary analysis framework based on QEMU. Supports 32-bit versions of Windows XP/Windows 7/linux.

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Process Hacker

Process Hacker An advanced task manager that allows you to monitor the behavior of suspicious programs in real time. Displays network connections, active processes, information on memory usage and access to hard drives, network usage. Also displays the stack trace.

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A Windows system service that logs system activity in the Windows event log. Provides detailed information about what is happening in the system: about the creation of processes, network connections, the time of creation and modification of files. Works with pre-built configuration files found on github.

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An agentless binary analysis system of the “black box” type. Allows you to monitor the execution of binaries without installing special software on a virtual machine. Requires an Intel processor with support for virtualization (VT-x) and Extended Page Tables (EPT) to run.

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A process scanner aimed at detecting malware and collecting material for further analysis.

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It is a powerful tool for analyzing and monitoring real-time events in Windows operating systems.

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A simple, portable sandbox for automatically collecting and analyzing information about malicious programs.

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A tool for examining JavaScript malware with JScript/WScript support and ActiveX emulation.

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Python API for building integrations with various proprietary sandboxes.

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A large collection of dynamic analysis tools for various programming languages.

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