Google CHROME extensions for use in OSINT

28 April 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Extension for Google Chrome

Browser extensions (or add-ons) are small software products that can significantly improve intelligence and investigative workflows and support overall office productivity. Below are a number of extensions you can use to become the ultimate explorer. We have tested them, but remember that today’s miracle tool can become a security threat. Always be careful when installing extensions to your browser. What does an internet marketer or any other digital specialist use the most? Most likely, the browser, where social networks, advertising cabinets, web analytics reports, mail, online services, Google Docs and more. And most often this browser is Google Chrome. This is a program for searching and viewing information on the Internet from Google. The most popular browser in the world. Google Chrome owes its success to its developers’ deep understanding of the Internet complexities faced by users at the time of its introduction.

The browser was a pioneer in many areas. It forced other platforms to change as well, and also influenced how people use the Internet around the world. To date, Chrome is the legislator of web standards. But many users will probably be more interested in upgrading the browser in the direction of improving the search for information. And we continue to look for suitable extensions for the Google CHROME browser that will help you in the difficult task of finding information in open sources. Or as they like to say in our Russian villages – “they will help during OSINT”. There is a lot of interesting stuff. Well, now we have X more useful for OSINT and not only extensions in line.

Work with mail

1. Email Tracker – intended for tracking the fact of reading the email you sent. Works with all major email services (Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Google Inbox, G Suite, Office 365 Outlook, Yahoo Mail.)

Work with the map

2. Map Switcher – allows you to quickly switch between various electronic map services, as well as coordinate conversion.

Working with websites

In this section, we’ll look at a few extensions that help us collect data from a website.

3. Data Scraper – extension for receiving information from the site page. Names, telephones, e-mail addresses, any other data. When OSINT is produced on, for example, forums – simply an irreplaceable tool. The download is performed in a convenient format for further analysis: XLS, CSV, XLSX or TSV.

4. Fetcher – forms a news feed analog with updated content from the list of sites. Convenient for short-term monitoring of changes.

5. Wappalyzer – well-known to all pentesters, a browser extension that shows which technologies are probably used on the site. Frameworks, modules and CMS. Very strong expansion.

6. Visualping – another service for monitoring site content changes. Here, everything is simple to the point of obscenity. We select what we are tracking and if the content in the selected area has changed, we receive a message.

Work with photos

7. PhotOSINT – the extension allows you to view photo metadata without leaving the browser. Very convenient and most importantly – fast.


8. Vulners Web Scanner – another expansion known in narrow Pentester circles. Website vulnerability scanner “on the fly”. Of course, it cannot be compared with Burp Suite in terms of functionality, but there is no useful information, but it will be found. is used as a database of vulnerabilities.

Assistants at work

Now consider utilities that are simply useful in work.

9. Extensity – extension manager. Allows you to quickly enable and disable browser extensions. If you use more than 5 extensions in the browser, then their management is already problematic, and if in the process of work you also need to turn them on, turn them off, reconfigure them – then it turns out to be a nightmare.

10. Magnifying Glass – how often do you encounter small print when browsing websites? Of course, you can simply increase the scale of the image, but you can use extensions. Everyone decides for himself what is more convenient.

11. Hunchly 2.0 – a utility for capturing and analyzing site content. In addition, it simply captures the data of the visited sites, as well as organizes them in the dashboard. In OSINT work, sometimes it is simply irreplaceable and saves a lot of time.

12. Extension Manager – another extension manager. In a more beautiful design.


And finally, we have the Security category.

13. Vytal – even if you use a VPN, your browser can still give away your real location. This extension replaces such parameters as: time zone, language used in the browser (locale), geolocation and browser user agent. This will hide your real location even more, even when using a VPN.

That’s all for today. We hope that you have found new extensions that will help you not only in work, but also in everyday use.

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