Cyber Security Guides (Wireless Attacks)

18 August 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Wireless Network Security: References and Practical Tips

Cybersecurity handbooks focus on various aspects of security in the digital environment, including vulnerabilities and defenses against wireless attacks. Wireless attacks have become one of the urgent threats in today’s world, where many aspects of life depend on communication technologies. These guides provide a clear understanding of the types of wireless attacks, the methods by which they are carried out, and the potential consequences for individuals and organizations. They provide important advice on how to effectively protect wireless networks and devices from potential threats. The guides also cover tools and techniques for analyzing wireless attacks, helping users detect suspicious activity and defend against dangerous scenarios.

They cover important aspects of setting up wireless networks, using encryption and other security techniques. These guides are becoming essential resources for those who value their privacy and security in the wireless environment. They help you understand risks and take steps to effectively protect against today’s security threats. Dedicated to the topic of wireless attacks, these cyber security guides provide an in-depth breakdown of this complex area. They detail various types of wireless attacks, including attacks on Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, NFC technologies, and others. An important part of these guides is the explanation of the technical aspects of security, such as the principles of encryption, threat identification and vulnerability analysis. They help users understand exactly how wireless attacks are carried out and how they can be prevented. The guides may also contain recommendations for choosing the most secure communication protocols, setting up wireless networks and managing access to them. They teach users to recognize suspicious situations and behavior that may indicate a possible attack.



Flipper Zero Code-Grabber firmware.

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JackIt – exploit code for Mousejack resources.

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This is a versatile bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning improves WiFi connection tools.

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A playground (and dump) of things I make or modify for Flipper Zero.

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EAPHammer is a set of tools for performing targeted malicious double attacks against WPA2-Enterprise networks.

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Fully aggressive framework for 802.11 networks and protocols with different attack types for WPA/WPA2 and WEP, automatic hash cracking.

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A powerful tool for testing the security of wireless networks. It is specially designed for automated detection and cracking of Wi-Fi passwords.

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