OSINT. Tools for finding information about vulnerabilities (Part 1)

16 August 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

We reveal the secrets of protection against online threats

Today’s digital world requires careful attention to cyber security issues. The growing number of online threats, viruses, malicious attacks and data at risk requires us not only to know, but also to have practical protection skills. Great cybersecurity guides become reliable companions in a world of digital dangers. They help you understand basic principles of online security, teach you how to spot suspicious activity, protect your passwords, prevent phishing attacks, and keep important data safe. These guides not only reveal the threats, but also provide specific instructions on how to prevent or reverse them. You’ll learn how to choose reliable antivirus software, how to spot fake websites, and how to stay safe on social media. Learning cyber security through tutorials allows you to understand the intricacies of protection against modern threats.

You will learn to analyze vulnerabilities, recognize insidious information gathering practices, and effectively respond to incidents. The knowledge gained from cybersecurity guides becomes your advantage in the digital world. They help protect your data, confidential information and identity from potential dangers. Learn, apply, and gain confidence in your cybersecurity skills with these valuable guides.

Key Guides to Online Security

 Vulnerability Database

A database containing information about vulnerabilities, including security descriptions.



A web service that collects information from various sources and provides data about vulnerabilities.


CVE Details

A database that focuses on vulnerability descriptions and links to vulnerability reports.


Hack the box

Hack The Box is an interactive cyber security education and training platform that offers a variety of virtual machines (VMs) containing different vulnerabilities. Very useful and interesting platform and various exploits.


0day.today Exploit Database

0day.today and the Exploit Database are popular resources for the cybersecurity community to publish information about computer security vulnerabilities and related exploits.


Exploit Database

This is an online resource that contains a wealth of information about software vulnerabilities, exploits, vulnerability codes, and other means of exploiting these vulnerabilities.



A cybersecurity learning and testing platform that specializes in creating vulnerable virtual machines for hands-on training. This platform creates recreated environments containing various vulnerabilities that can be found in systems.



A web platform that provides access to information about vulnerabilities in various software products. Resource helps cybersecurity professionals and researchers find a variety of vulnerabilities and exploits that can be used to analyze and  defenses.


Packet Storm

Resource for publishing and sharing information about computer security vulnerabilities and exploits. This website provides information on new and popular vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems, as well as corresponding exploits to exploit them.


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