Tools for finding information about the ship and crew

27 October 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

How to Track a Vessel: An In-Depth Guide to Modern Tools

Tracking ships and gathering information about the crew is becoming an increasingly urgent task. With the help of the latest tools, access to information about the movement of ships, their technical characteristics, as well as data about the crew becomes fast and easily accessible. AIS systems, which are used for automatic identification of ships, provide the opportunity to receive information about the coordinates, speed and course of the ship in real time. They help gather relevant information that can be used for commercial, scientific or security purposes. In addition, a number of web platforms provide access to detailed databases of vessels, their history and crew. Such resources can prove invaluable to those looking for specific information, such as about the past voyages of a vessel or a person in the crew.

Also, don’t forget about specialized forums and communities where professionals and enthusiasts share their experiences, recommendations and findings. Here you can find reviews about specific ships, crews, and get tips on using the search tools. In this article, you’ll find a detailed overview of the best tools for finding ship and crew information. We share proven methods and approaches to help you get reliable and up-to-date information. So if you’re looking to understand how to make the most of your available vessel tracking and crew information resources, this article will be your go-to resource.

Maritime secrets: where to find information about ships and their crews


Ship image archive searchable by vessel name, IMO or MMSI.

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UK Ship Register

UK Vessel Register for merchant vessels and bareboat charter.

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eShips World Shipping Register

eShips World Shipping Register this is a searchable database for the World Register of Ships.

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Crew List Index Project

A searchable database of mostly historical information about ships and crews.

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Provides information on the safety of ships and companies. Registration is required.

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Search, view and download information on over 416,000 vessels.

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[PDF] Anatomy of a Ship

A document that describes in detail the various parts of the vessel.

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Inmarsat Ships Directory

Find contact numbers for Inmarsat equipped vessels. Enter at least three characters for the ship name.

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This service provides information on the movement of ships in real time based on AIS.

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Registered members can search the database and see a lot of useful information about the ownership and location of various commercial vessels.

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A searchable database containing information on over 8,400 production and semi-production sailboats dating back to 1900.

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RigZone Equipment Market

A marketplace where sellers can sell or rent oilfield equipment. This includes vessels and listings often include owner details and contact information.

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