Disclosure of the identity of the Russian pilots responsible for the attacks on Ukraine

23 February 2024 11 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

In this article, you will learn about the results of the investigation, which revealed the identities of Russian pilots from the Engels-2 air base involved in the bombing of the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. You will receive information about how these individuals who play a key role in the military actions against Ukraine were identified and what the consequences of these actions are for the civilian population.

Attacks on Ukraine: missile attacks from the Engels-2 airfield

The name of the airfield “Engels-2” becomes known in the Ukrainian media every time a Russian strategic aircraft takes off from there, which prompts the announcement of an air alert in Ukraine. Located in the Saratov region, approximately 900 km from Kharkiv, Engels-2 is one of the largest military air bases in Russia, where Tu-160 and Tu-95MS bombers are stationed.

As of 2021, this base remains the only base for Russian Tu-160s, the number of which, according to military analysts, has decreased to 16 units. Information about these planes, as well as about the pilots and technical personnel serving them, is kept secret. After several drone attacks on Engels-2, the Russian military moved the planes to another base, and left Tu-95 models on the Engels airstrip.

Molfar agency experts identified the employees of the Engels-2 air base, including those directly involved in the bombing of Ukrainian cities, including colonels, chiefs of staff, pilots and even mechanics working on the mentioned planes.

tu-160 at Engels-2 airfield Source: Russian editions

More than 300 missiles have been fired by the pilots of these planes since December 2022. Of course, this is only an approximate number, but we know exactly when and where they shot. Most often, they shoot across Ukraine with Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles.

Shelling on December 16, 2022 and blackout as a result

One of the most massive shellings — the Russians fired 74 rockets. The air alert lasted 4 hours. As a result of the shelling, the Russians damaged nine infrastructure facilities, due to which restrictions on the production of nuclear electricity were introduced. At that time, more than 1,600 settlements were left without electricity. This is 1 million 279 thousand subscribers. Due to the Russian missile attack, the Kyiv metro stopped its work, and the stations worked as shelters.

Traffic jams in Kyiv due to a metro stop. 12/16/2022.

August 6 — 57 missiles over Ukraine

On the night of August 6 this year, the Russian military launched a massive attack on Ukraine with “shahedas” and various types of missiles. Pilots from the “Engels-2” air base launched “cruise” missiles of the type X-101 and X-555 from the Caspian Sea with Tu-95Ms as carriers. 13 of these missiles were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense forces. In total, during several waves of rocket attacks, the enemy used 70 rockets of various types that night.

September 21 — mass attack in Kyiv

10 Tu-95ms planes took off from Engels-2 airfield. At night, they launched Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles from the Caspian Sea. Several districts of the capital were affected. There were power outages in some places. 7 people were also injured. Three people were hospitalized. As a result of this missile strike, private houses and vehicles were damaged in the Kyiv region. Air defense of Ukraine shot down more than 20 air targets. A total of 44 cruise missiles were launched. Of them, 10 were released precisely from the boards that took off from Engels.

Consequences of the Russian missile attack in Cherkasy.

Why is “Engels-2” important for Russia?

Engels-2 airfield is located near the city of the same name Engels in Russia. This is one of the largest military air bases of the Soviet Union, where strategic bombers are based. Such as the Tu-160 (NATO Blackjack). It is a supersonic strategic bomber with a variable sweep wing. This is the largest bomber in the world. Can carry nuclear and conventional warheads. The Tu-95MS (Bear according to NATO classification) is a turboprop strategic bomber. It can also carry nuclear charges.

Both of these bombers are carriers of Kh-22 missiles (anti-ship missiles), Kh-101/Kh-102 (the latest for nuclear weapons), Kh-55 (“cruise” missiles with a range of up to 2,500 km). The Tu-95MS and Tu-160 differ in design, technical characteristics and use: the Tu-95MS, with its turboprop engines, is needed for long-term patrol and reconnaissance missions; The Tu-160, with its supersonic speed and variable sweep wings, can perform quick and precise strikes while carrying a large number of precision weapons.

Usually, the Tu-95MS can carry up to 6 “winged” Kh-55 or Kh-101/102 missiles on external suspensions. And the Tu-160 can carry up to “12 cruise missiles” Kh-55, Kh-101/102 in two internal weapons compartments.

Of course, we should not forget about the “nuclear” role of these aircraft. “Engels-2” airfield is part of the so-called “nuclear triad” of Russia. It can also be used for testing and testing new types of aircraft and other aviation equipment. “Engels-2” is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for servicing large and heavy aircraft.

Tu-95ms aircraft in flight

Also, as the Russians write in their social networks in 2018, an air show was held in Engels. The same Tu-95ms patches were also on display.

This map shows the location of Engels-2 Airport

Location of Engels-2 Air Base. Google Earth. The geographic location of the Engels-2 airfield makes it an important strategic asset for Russia in the context of a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war.

Who works at Engels-2 airfield.

Let us now consider in more detail the personalities of several Russians involved in the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the context of their service in Engels. Molfar analysts managed to identify 73 employees of the “Engels-2” air base.

Simonenko Aleksandr — regimental commander, colonel

Alexander Simonenko – regimental commander

Alexander Simonenko is the head of Tu-95MS flight commander training. Graduated from the Balashov Higher Military Aviation School. In 2012, he flew a Tu-95 over the Pacific Ocean near Japan, probably from the Ukrainka Air Base.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, he took part in military operations (1, 2). In 2020, he was at the initiation of young soldiers in Engels. In the same year, Simonenko was a commander in military unit 85927 and filed a lawsuit in the military garrison court of the Saratov region. on one of his subordinates – Ganin Alyeg. Why this lawsuit and its details are unknown. Instead, in June 2022, Simonenko was sued in Belgorod by the commander of military unit 75715 (located at the Ukrainka airfield). According to this lawsuit, compensation was collected from Simonenko for the material damage caused.

  • Date of birth: 28.02.1978

  • Phone: 79146118930, 79146169297

  • Skype: alexander160709,

  • Personal number: U-804172,

  • Social Security Number: 644009204311,

  • SNIOR: 16488511501,

  • Known passwords: 070707, miwa070707, COiEadVc, 250275

Batrakov Aleksandr Yurievich — chief of staff

Member of the “Boevoe Bratstvo” union, a veteran of hostilities in the North Caucasus. From 1989 to 1994, he studied at the Engelsk Higher Anti-Aircraft Missile Command School of Air Defense. From 2012 to 2014, he was registered as an individual entrepreneur with the main activity — “retail trade in specialized stores.” As of 2022, he was in the register of debtors, the amount of debt – 1.5k rubles.

  • Date of birth: 06.10.1972

  • Telegram: 79272249232

  • TG ID: 1314081809

  • Social media: OK

  • Passport: 6399181070

  • SNIOR: 134-287-110 45

  • Personal identification number: 644985444389

  • Address: Saratov Region, Engels, st. Leningradska, bldg. 35, sq. 21

Trofim Aleksandrovich Kapsha is a colonel

Kapsha is currently acting as the unit commander and acting commander. head of the air base in Engels. Deputy commander of the Engelsky long-range aviation unit. He was born in Ulyanovsk, in the family of a military pilot. In 2000, he graduated from the Balashov Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots of the BVVAUL (since 2002, it is the faculty of the Krasnodar VVAUL), after that he served in the Amur region at the airfield “Ukrainka” with the rank of “lieutenant”. Subsequently, he served in Tambov at the 1449th aviation base — a long-range aviation base (1, 2). In 2013, he graduated from the command faculty of the Voronezh Air Force Academy.

As of 2014, he served in Engels and was the crew commander of the Tu-95MS “Izborsk”. In September of the same year, he illegally visited the Crimea annexed by Russia. In May 2015, he participated in the “victory parade” on Red Square as the commander of the Tu-95ms group. He was a squadron commander, participated in hostilities in Syria, had the rank of colonel, and personally reported on the operation to Putin. In 2019, he was the commander of one of the VBAP (military construction aviation regiment) of the Ukrainka garrison. As of October 2021, he was acting unit commander, had the guard rank of colonel, participated in the organization of exercises of long-range aviation units of the Saratov, Kaluga, and Murmansk regions – probably transferred to Engels, mentioned in the news in the same month as acting head of the Engels air base, as well as deputy commander of the Engels long-range aviation unit (1, 2).

  • Date of birth: 22.02.1978

  • Social networks: Mamba, VK 1, VK 2, FB,

  • Skype: live:70e36828a456b864

  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]

  • Phone: 79198303747, 79108582931

  • Personal number: U-804152

  • Record number: 1172288

  • Alexander uses the password “meinkampf1488” and is also a user of the site sexclub.ru.

  • Address: Saratov Region, Engels, st. Odesa, bldg. 83, sq. 109

Alexey Gennadievich Pechkarev – Tu-95ms “Izborsk” pilot

Pechkaryev — Tu-95ms “Izborsk” pilot, flight number 27 “krasny”, major. He was born in Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine. Received Russian citizenship. In 2013, he was awarded a certificate from the mayor of Engels. According to Informnapalm, participated in the war in Syria in 2015.

In 2022, Oleksiy was the squadron commander of the 22nd battalion, signed up as a participant in hostilities, gave a speech at the “svaikh ne brasaim” (Russian – “Svoikh ne brosaem”) concert dedicated to the fallen Russians. It is known that he received a pension in 2018-2021 from military unit 85927, in which conscripts serve. For example, 2021 received $1.46k. He was probably temporarily transferred to the service in the Far East, posted an ad with the location of the village. Seryshevo is a village in the Amur region, located next to the airfield “Ukrainka”, where the Tu-95ms are also based.

  • Address: Saratov Region m. Engels-1. building 82. sq. 23

  • Date of birth: 30.11.1973

  • Skype: alexpechkarev,

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Phone: 79173063868, 79878026797

  • Passport: 6318 558133

  • SNIOR: 143-573-189 66

  • Social Security Number: 644913279249

  • Known passwords: alex_0698, DA_71394, DA_713941973.

In 2021, he registered a Peugeot 3008 2012 car, Х375ОВ64. Before that, in 2019, he violated traffic rules — exceeded the speed limit, for which he received a fine. Address: Saratov region, Engels-1, bldg. 82, sq. 23

Stegachyov Oleg Sergeevich — Tu-95MS “Vorkuta” pilot

Stegachyov is a Tu-95ms “Vorkuta” pilot, a serviceman of military unit 06987, who took part in the operations of Russian troops in Syria. Had 11 crew members under his command in 2012-2014, but did not receive an allowance for the position of commander, due to which he sued his air force. The court decided to satisfy the claim.

Address: Saratov region. Engels. St. Petrovska. building 90. sq. 68 In 2019, he was registered at the address: military unit 15489, Seryshevo-2.

  • Date of birth: 23.06.1983

  • TG_ID: 1780897846,

  • Social networks: Mamba, VK, Ok,

  • Skype: live:f257843bbb36706f

  • Email: [email protected],

  • Phone: 79873016928

  • Passport: 6800 083157, 6304 234410

  • SNIOR: 194-214-437 66

  • Known passwords: 14021987, cyAEOX. Owned a Toyota Corolla vehicle, n.z. AV197T64.

Dorofeev Ivan Fyodorovich – Tu-95ms “Murmansk” pilot

Graduated from the Balashov Military Aviation Institute. In 2021, he was one of the Tu-95ms “Murmansk” (RF-94130) pilots who took part in the “victory parade” in Moscow. It is listed on the Myrotvorets website as a participant in the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Served in military unit 15499, located at the airfield “Ukrainka”

Address: Engels, Saratov region. St. Engels-1. building 175

  • Social networks: OK, VK,

  • Email: [email protected],

  • Phone: 79145742427, 79143854948

  • Passport: 6303 604649

  • SNIOR: 057-307-571 64

  • Personal identification number: 262508443465

  • Personal number: F-891149

  • Record number: 1171987

Alexander Sergeevich Manyagin is the commander of the Tu-95ms squadron

According to the leak of information from the GUR, it was planned to move its crew to Belarus to carry out strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Signed at the Peacekeeper base as a participant in the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine in 2022. In 2018, he was listed in military unit 24755, in the same year he was mentioned in the article as a lieutenant colonel and squadron commander at the Engels-2 air base.

This is actually only a part of the military identified by Molfar analysts from the airfield in Engels. Read personal data about the rest of the established occupiers on our “Enemies of Ukraine” page.

The inevitability of punishment

These pilots, crew members and commanders were implicated in international war crimes for their involvement in attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. The activities of the persons referred to in this article can and should be recognized as crimes against humanity or acts of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Therefore, these people should be recognized as international criminals. They, like all those who carry out similar attacks against Ukraine, must understand that punishment is inevitable. Recent events show that the crimes of these people will not go unpunished.

Information appeared in the mass media that the inscription “The family of a murderer lives here” appeared on the house where the family of an employee of the Engels-2 airbase lives. This shows that even in Russia they are aware of the gravity of the committed crimes and crimes against humanity.

The information was taken from Molfar open sources

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