VSCode cheat sheet, a complete guide to keyboard shortcuts

15 December 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

VSCode Quick Access: Basic Commands and Shortcuts

The VSCode Cheat Sheet is a handy tool that lists keyboard shortcuts and commands for the Visual Studio Code code editor. It is needed in order to simplify and accelerate the workflow of developers, allowing to easily recall and use the features of the editor without having to remember them, which saves time and increases productivity. VSCode provides users with a convenient list of keyboard shortcuts and commands that significantly increase the speed and efficiency of work in the Visual Studio Code editor.

This tool is useful for beginners learning the basics as well as experienced developers looking to optimize their current workflow. Thanks to the cheat sheet, you can quickly find the necessary functions and commands without wasting time searching through menus or documentation. In this article, you will find a comprehensive set of tools for working effectively with the Visual Studio Code editor. The cheat sheet includes a wide range of keyboard shortcuts and commands to help you streamline your development processes. From basic features to advanced techniques, it’s all available in an easy-to-download PDF format that will benefit both novice and experienced programmers.

Download the VSCode cheat sheet

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DOC (4 pages)

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Keyboard syntax for VSCode

The VSCode editor has an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts to perform any action. These keyboard shortcuts are really useful for increasing your productivity. See the next section for an extensive list of VSCode keyboard syntax.

Let’s start

Here are some VSCode shortcuts to get you started, running, and exiting:


Navigation hotkeys help you navigate through any function in the code editor. Here are some typical navigation keys:

File processing

Using VSCode shortcuts, you can perform file handling operations such as creating, opening, saving, and deleting files. Below are some keyboard shortcuts for working with files.


VSCode has several editing features and shortcuts to help you change padding, alignment, and spacing. See the following section for editing using VSCode syntax:

Regular expression

VSCode consists of an impressive arrangement of regular expressions (regex). For convenient searching, replacing, and manipulating text, you will find the following regular expression syntax useful:

Search & Replace

VSCode offers advanced find & replace shortcuts that let you find specific text and replace it with another string. Check out the search & replace keyboard shortcuts below:

Managing the editor

Editor control allows you to control the editor layout and workspace for efficient code sorting. Here are some keystrokes for editor control operations in VSCode:


You can create a custom coding environment by applying different display functions and options. Below are some basic shortcuts for displaying VSCode:

Version control

Version control allows you to manage simplified source code, allowing you to track changes and maintain a version history. Here are some shortcuts to version control in VSCode:


Some basic keyboard shortcuts for debugging features in VSCode:


Through the VSCode terminal, you can run codes, execute commands and scripts. Here’s some shortcut syntax for Terminal in VSCode:


Using the following keyboard shortcuts, you can correctly perform the selection operation in VSCode:

Multiple cursors

If you need to make changes repeatedly or edit in bulk, you can use the multi-cursor feature. Here’s how to use multiple cursors in VSCode:


VSCode includes an advanced extension that allows you to customize the features to suit your needs. Here’s an overview of VSCode extensions:


The VSCode cheat sheet is a valuable resource for those who want to learn the VSCode editor in depth in an interactive way. So, try, optimize and speed up your workflow with this versatile code editor.

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