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30 April 2023 2 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

S.E. Note. Dictionaries for the brute

Brut is one of the password cracking systems using the method of selecting a key composition. Your computer can pick up a password if you have the appropriate software and dictionary database. Brut can be used almost anywhere where password protection is provided. It can be a mailbox, a social page or something else. Dictionaries for brutes are often used by professional hackers in their activities. Of course, you will also need specialized software, which is necessary for synchronization with the dictionary database. But if the programs themselves can be easily downloaded from any open source, then good dictionaries for the brute will have to be well searched. Especially since this is a rare and very valuable find on the Internet. The fact is that even rough dictionaries are very different from each other and their use may not always be effective if you choose the wrong base.

You should also pay attention to the maximum number sequence in the dictionary you have downloaded. Most often, users use 8 digits in the password, but there are dictionaries with a base password combination of 7-9 digits. Using appropriate vocabularies during penetration testing largely determines the success of credential selection. There cannot be one best dictionary – different situations require different dictionaries. A dictionary attack significantly speeds up and generally increases the chances of success in cracking a password by the method of sorting. And if you managed to download dictionaries from a reliable and verified database, then you can count on a positive final version.

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