Cooperation of the Ukrainian dolphinarium “Nemo” with Russia, hidden connections and branches

10 June 2024 10 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

We reveal the hidden connections of the Ukrainian network of dolphinariums “Nemo” with Russia, including activities in the occupied Crimea and cooperation with Russian politicians. Exposing cooperation during all-out war through franchises and affiliates.

Let’s go

Screenshot from the Nemo dolphinarium website, from the section on franchising

On its official website, the administration of the Nemo dolphinarium positions itself as “the world’s largest network of active dolphinariums.” They offer franchises to open dolphinariums around the world, including in Romania and Uzbekistan. However, there is no mention of branches in Russia and work in occupied Crimea on the website.

The first dolphinarium “Nemo” was opened in Odesa in 2005 with the support of Sevastopol “Biological Station” PE, which financed the construction and leased marine animals. “Nerum” LLC leased this dolphinarium and eventually appropriated it along with the animals, building and land. LLC “Nerum” is a key link that demonstrates the connections of the network of dolphinariums “Nemo” with Russian branches.

The connection between “Nerum” LLC and “Nemo” dolphinarium can be illustrated by a certain diagram.

Russian branches of the Ukrainian dolphinarium “Nemo”

Looking at the entire map, you can pay attention to the fact that there are many dolphinariums in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. It is interesting that the former deputy from the “United Russia” party from the Krasnodar Territory participates in the activities of the “Nemo RF” organization. This will be explained in more detail later.

Let’s consider in more detail why we have reason to believe that the Ukrainian network of dolphinariums “Nemo” continues to cooperate with the Russian Federation despite the full-scale war.

“Wonderful Sea” and “Ecological Center” Yurosobos

Dolphinariums in Anapa, Jubza, Golubytskyi probably cooperate with Ukrainian “Nemo” through two legal entities: LLC “Chudnoe More” and LLC “Ecological Center“, the founders of the latter, by the way, are citizens of Ukraine, who are also the founders of Odesa LLC “Nerum” :

  • Kyslovska Raisa Volodymyrivna,

  • Kuchuk Vyacheslav Ilyich,

  • Mykhailo Ilyich Kuchuk,

  • Serhiy Valeriyovych Kelyushok,

  • Kelly Natalya Valeriivna,

  • Dmytro Oleksandrovich Uryvskyi.

In 2022, LLC “Ecological Center” paid taxes to Russia in the amount of 500 thousand rubles, while losses amounted to 13.78 million rubles.

According to the website, the dolphinariums in Jubza and Golubytskyi are branches of the Anapa Dolphinarium. As of February 2024, visitors to the Anapa dolphinarium pay for tickets through Chudnoe More LLC, which also owns the dolphinarium trademark. Basic information about branches is available on the website, which contains a link to and has the word “nemo” in the title.

In 2011, “Chudnoe More” LLC received marine animals from “Ecological Center” LLC, and in 2013 – from Ukrainian “Nerum” LLC. Both enterprises are located at the same address: Krasnodarskyi Krai, Anapa, Pionersky Avenue, St. Kiltseva, 20A/6.

In 2019-2021, several marine animals belonging to the network of dolphinariums “Nemo” through LLC “Ecological Center” and LLC “Chudnoe More” died, according to the report of ANO “Orcinus”.

In the period 2016-2019, there were links to Russian dolphinariums on the main site. As of February 2024, these links have been removed, but the site is still functional.

Another site is built by analogy with the Ukrainian sites and

The dolphinarium in Vityazevo also operated through LLC Chudnoe More and LLC Ecological Center. As of February 2024, it is likely to be down as the site has not been updated since 2015. The logo remains identical to the Ukrainian one, and the ticket purchase service does not work, instead it contains links to the sites of other Russian branches.

In the Instagram of the dolphinarium in Anapa, there was a post with the schedule of performances in Anapa and Vityazevo, which indicates possible affiliation to LLC “Chudnoe More”.

Jurorsoba “Firma “Delfin”

There is also a dolphinarium in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. As of February 2024, its owner is probably the “Firma “Delfin” (LLC), registered in 2002 in Anapa, where the dolphinarium “Nemo” operates. The founders of the company are 14 Russians, and through this company they conduct activities related to the dolphinarium in Naberezhnye Chelny.

As of February 2024, no links with the Ukrainian Nerum LLC and the owners of the Nemo network were found, although from 2016 to 2019, the website had a link to the website of the Russian dolphinarium. Currently, this dolphinarium is working, but all references to its affiliation to the “Nemo” network have been deleted.

“Nemo” in Russian-occupied Crimea has Ukrainian founders

Nemo dolphinariums operate in Alushta and Feodosia in the occupied Crimea, probably through the legal entity Nemo Dolphinarium, founded in 2014. The founders are the Ukrainian LLC “Nerum” from Odesa and Tetyana Ryabchikova. Yurosoba is located at the address: Alushta, per. Revkomovsky, 10, and has an email address [email protected].

From 2016 to 2019, the website had links to the Crimean dolphinarium, which continues to operate as of February 2024, although all references to membership in the Nemo network have been deleted.

The Alushta and Feodosia dolphinarium websites have the same logo and design as the Minsk dolphinarium website. In 2022, the Crimean “Nemo” Dolphinarium received a license to keep and use animals in dolphinariums and continues to work as of February 2024.

On the sites where advertisements, descriptions and articles about the Nemo dolphinarium in the occupied Crimea are posted, Black Sea bottlenose dolphins are mentioned as “artists of the dolphinarium in Feodosia” and “dolphinarium in Anapa”. It is likely that bottlenose dolphins are also kept in Alushta. Black Sea bottlenose dolphins are on the verge of extinction and are protected by the Red Book of Ukraine and international conventions.

Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan: Nemo network of dolphinariums in the world

In Minsk, Belarus, the dolphinarium “Nemo” is also managed by the corporation “DOLPHIN-Nemo” LLC. At the same time, dolphinariums in Minsk, Alshta and Feodosia have the same logo and website design.

Perhaps, in 2012, the Ukrainian LLC “Nerum” sent a souvenir to the address of “DOLPHIN-Nemo” LLC. In addition, in “Nemo” in Odesa, Minsk and Almaty, the administrator of the aquarium “Dolphinarium” offers the same Gift Certificates, including contacts of Odesa “Nemo”.

Dolphinarium in Minsk is located in Minsk on the street Tashkentskaya 40.

As of 2016-2019, a link to the website of the Belarusian dolphinarium was placed on the main website by city name, which continues to work as of February 2024, although all references to membership in the Nemo network have been deleted.

Dolphinarium in Minsk (Delphinarium-Nemo LLC) was opened in 2011, but there is no mention of the name Nemo on the website The site notes that the dolphinarium is the only one in Belarus, and has the same address and phone number as previously indicated on the “Nemo” aggregator sites.

In 2012, “Nerum” LLC imported souvenirs for “Delphinarium-Nemo” LLC. The site is down as of February 2024, but was active as of August 2022 with references to “Nemo” removed. The email listed on the site in August 2022, [email protected], matches data from 2011, when the site had the Nemo logo. In August 2022, there was a post on the Instagram of the Minsk Dolphinarium about the purchase of gift certificates, which contained the contacts of the Nemo Odesa Dolphinarium. By 2024, Minsk dolphinarium “Nemo” is in the process of liquidation.

In Yerevan, a dolphinarium operated under the legal entity “Delfinary-Nemo” (“Nemo Dolphinarium” LLP). Probably, in 2010 Nerum LLC built a dolphinarium in Yerevan and exported structures and marine animals to it. The dolphinarium received a permit to import animals, which was extended until November 2014. The owner of “Nemo” Andriy Kislovsky was present at the opening in 2010.

In 2012, the director of this dolphinarium was Natalia Mykhailivna Samarets, and in 2013, director Lilit Sahakyan announced the closure of the dolphinarium, which is currently in the process of liquidation.

Dolphinarium “Nemo” in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty, the Nemo dolphinarium is owned by the legal entity Chudesnoe More LLP. The attraction was opened in 2012. As of February 2024, the manager and owner is Rustam Arkindzhanovych Abdulbakiev.

In May 2022, the dolphinarium’s Instagram posted a photo of gift certificates identical to those of the Nemo Odesa dolphinarium, which were also offered by the Minsk dolphinarium in July 2022.

According to the official website of Kharkiv “Nemo”, the network includes dolphinariums in Koblevo, temporarily occupied Berdyansk, as well as branches in Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand. The data is current as of February 2024.

Let’s summarize why it can be assumed that the dolphinariums in the occupied Crimea, about which we wrote above, branches in the Russian Federation, are all one network of dolphinariums as of February 2024.

  • Dolphinariums in Odesa, Almaty and Minsk offer the same gift certificates, on which the contacts of Odesa “Nemo” are placed.

  • Minsk, Alushta, Feodosia have identical logos and site designs (Alushta, Feodosia, Minsk).

  • Chudnoe More LLC (Anapa, Russian Federation) and Chudesnoe More LLC (Kazakhstan) have similar legal entity names.

  • LLC “Delfinariy Nemo” (Odesa, Ukraine) and LLC “Delfinariy-Nemo” (Minsk, rb) have similar names of legal entities.

  • Anapa, Dzhugba, Vityazevo, Stanytsia Golubytska — presence on the website and cross-links, mentions in social networks.

  • the Russian address and the Ukrainian, have an identical structure of the addresses of working sites.

In the dolphinarium in the village of Koblevo, from 2023 to 2024, the main artists of the program – the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins Hnat and Yumi – were presented. Anapa dolphinarium “Nemo” also uses Black Sea bottlenose dolphins in performances and dolphin therapy.

Redirection to the sites of Russian dolphinariums

According to the archive of the Nemo dolphinarium network website from 2017, a link to the website of the Nizhny Novgorod dolphinarium Atlantis was placed on the name of the city “Nizhny Novgorod”. As of February 2024, this dolphinarium is a branch of the Anapa Dolphinarium, opened in 2021 in the village of Velikiy Utrish near Anapa. The Nemo Dolphinarium in Nizhny Novgorod was opened in 2014 and has two more dolphinariums in Naberezhnye Chelny and the village of Arkhipo-Osypivka.

Redirections from the sites of dolphinariums in Golubytskyi, Anapa, Vityazevo and Dzhubza will lead to sites without the name “Nemo”, starting in 2021. There are no shows scheduled for February 2024 on ticketing sites.

Communication with the deputy of the party “United Russia”

As you can see, many of the network’s dolphinariums are located in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. This is not a coincidence. The network is closely associated with Sergey Andreevich Zirynov (Russian: Сергей Андреевич Зиринов). He is a former member of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory from the United Russia party.

Sergey Zirinov, former deputy of the legislative assembly of the Krasnodar region. Now he is a prisoner.

Serhii Zirinov was the founder, manager or owned through proxies 26 companies in the Russian Federation, including Chudnoe More LLC. His trustee for February 2024 is among the founders of this firm.

In 2013, Zirinov was arrested on suspicion of organizing an attempted murder, creating a gang and murdering three people. In 2017, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison. The property was seized, but the seizure on the account of “Chudnoe More” LLC was canceled after an appeal.

A representative of “Chudnoe More” LLC reported that the “Nemo” dolphinarium is working normally. At the time of Zirinov’s arrest, the owner of the company was his confidant Leva Harutyunyan, who in 2011 received marine animals for the Ecological Center LLC.

As of February 2024, the owners of “Chudnoe More” LLC are Leva Harutyunyan, Yuriy Hakopyan, Yevgeny Batogov.

Dolphinarium “Nemo” in Ukraine

The first dolphinarium “Nemo” was opened in Odesa in 2005. Subsequently, the network grew rapidly, opening dolphinariums in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Berdyansk. The Donetsk Dolphinarium ceased operations in 2014, when the building burned down, leaving only a cafe.

In 2014, a dolphinarium was opened in Kyiv on the territory of VDNG. In 2013, the court decided to demolish it due to arbitrary construction, but the decision was not implemented. In 2016, Kyivvodokanal disconnected it from the water supply, and in 2017, the dolphinarium was arrested for fraud.

The Kharkiv dolphinarium was opened in 2009, probably in 2014 animals were transported there from Donetsk. As of February 2024, it continues to work.

The information was taken from open sources Molfar

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