List of Hacker Forums (Part 1.)

23 September 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Virtual Masters: Professions in the World of Cybercrime

Hacking forums play a key role in the world of cyber security, becoming a platform for sharing knowledge about new techniques and tools. These online communities provide a place where experts from around the world can come together, share experiences, discuss current challenges and search for solutions. A correctly chosen forum can become a starting point for professional growth and deepening of your knowledge. The strength of hacker forums lies not only in the ability to exchange ideas. They also serve as a repository of learning resources, skills challenges, and of course, a place to find empathetic colleagues. They encourage professionals to continuously learn, adapt, and follow current security innovations. When choosing a suitable forum, it is worth considering such aspects as the reputation of the platform, the activity of its participants and the quality of discussions.

This will help you identify a forum where your participation will be valuable and the knowledge you will gain will be relevant and important. In conclusion, hacker forums are an important tool for cybersecurity professionals. They offer a means of deepening knowledge, networking and continuous improvement. In this article, we present you with a detailed overview of the leading forums, their features and benefits to help you navigate this vast information field.

Our dear hacker moms. We remind you that the knowledge you will receive in this article should be used wisely and for legal purposes.

Defenders of the network: Research and study of cybercrime


This is an online forum where any topics related to cyber fraud and much, much more are discussed. On this forum you will find a lot of useful information.



Online forum of hackers, crackers, carders. Contains many advertisements. The topics of hacking, hacking, etc. are discussed.



This is an online forum where any topics related to cyber fraud and much, much more are discussed. Alligator analog.


Cracking Pro

Is a forum and community dedicated to discussing and sharing information about cracking and bypassing software protection. Cracking uses methods to bypass program protection and gain access to their functionality without a legally purchased license key.



Is a website related to carding or other aspects of financial crime. Carding is a criminal practice where criminals use stolen or compromised financial data (such as credit card numbers) to make illegal transactions and purchases without the cardholder’s.


Altenen Forums

This is an online forum that has become famous in cyber crime circles. This forum is mainly used to discuss various aspects of cybercrime such as identity theft, phishing, carding (theft of financial information) and other types of online fraud.



Is a forum or community specialized in discussing and sharing information about cracking, bypassing software protection, and other aspects of information security and application security. Such forums usually discuss methods and tools for bypassing application security and gaining unauthorized access to applications.


Black Hat Pro Tools

Is a forum and community that specializes in discussing and sharing information about various aspects of internet marketing, web development, search engine optimization, paid advertising campaigns and other online strategies. Other topics related to web business and digital marketing can also be discussed at the forum.



This is a well-known forum and community specializing in cyber security, information security, ethical hacking and computer security in general. The 0x00sec forum brings together cybersecurity enthusiasts, ethical hackers, programmers, and other professionals who share knowledge, explore new vulnerabilities, and ways to protect information.


Cracking X

Is a website that specializes in sharing and discussing information about cracking, bypassing software protection and other questionable aspects of the Internet. Cracking includes actions aimed at bypassing or breaking the protection of programs in order to gain unauthorized access to their functionality.



Is a website that usually specializes in sharing and distributing illegally cracked (pirated) versions of software and games. Such versions of the programs are used without a license key or the owner of the usage rights, which is a violation of copyright and other laws.



This is a forum and community that specializes in the topics of cyber security, information security and anonymous communication on the Internet. This forum is known for its active community of users who discuss various aspects of cybercrime, hacking, network security and software.


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