List of Hacker Forums (Part 2.)

25 September 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Cybercrime Forums: Uncovering Dark Communities

Hacker forums take a central place in this process, becoming a place to discuss the latest methods, techniques and tools. These platforms provide an opportunity for specialists from all over the world to unite, discuss current issues and solve complex tasks. Choosing the right forum can be a key factor in expanding your professional horizons and deepening your knowledge. The importance of hacker forums is not only about communication. It’s also a source of new learning materials, challenges to improve your skills and, of course, a place to find like-minded people. These platforms encourage professionals to constantly learn, adapt, and keep abreast of the latest cyber security trends.

However, when choosing a forum, you should pay attention to a number of important factors: the reputation of the resource, the activity of the community, the quality of discussions and the presence of moderation. All this will help you find exactly the resource where your contribution will be appreciated, and the information received will be relevant and useful. In summary, hacker forums are an indispensable resource for any cybersecurity professional. They provide an opportunity to find new knowledge, establish contacts and constantly develop in this rapidly changing field. In this article, you will find a useful overview of the main hacking forums, their features and benefits. We consider in detail how to choose the right platform for communication, what criteria are important in this choice, as well as how to use these resources as effectively as possible to develop your professional skills. So, if you are looking for up-to-date information about hacking communities, this article will be your indispensable assistant.

Our dear hacker moms. We remind you that the knowledge you will receive in this article should be used wisely and for legal purposes.

Cybercrime Forums: Implications and Countermeasures

Cyber Leaks

Our community has been around for many years and prides itself on offering unbiased, critical discussion between people of all backgrounds.



Has an appearance that is associated with topics related to cybercrime or cybercriminal activity. It is very interesting to read and learn.



A website with hacking, fraud, circumvention of program protection and other aspects of cybercriminal activity.


Demon Forums

This is a website or forum that specializes in topics related to cybercrime, hacking, hacking, and other aspects of information security. Such forums can discuss hacking techniques, the distribution of malicious programs, bypassing the protection of information systems and many other topics related to cybercriminal activity.



This is a web forum that specializes in topics related to software analysis, reverse engineering, and development. Usually, such forums discuss technical aspects of programming, analysis of program protection, development of tools for reverse engineering, and other topics related to information security.



Is a website or forum that may be aimed at cybercriminal activity or the exchange of information about unauthorized activities on the Internet. Usually, on such resources, you can find discussions and materials related to hacking, fraud, bypassing program protection. Remember that participation in such resources is illegal.



This is a website that specializes in cybersecurity, programming, computer technology, and information systems.



May be related to cybercriminal activity or other illegal activities on the Internet. This conclusion is based on appearance and possible associations with cybercrime.


Cyber Nulled

Is a website or forum that specializes in discussing and sharing information about unauthorized use of software (cracking) and possibly banned software.



Relates to carding or illegal activity involving the theft of personal information and credit cards. Carding is an illegal activity and can have serious legal consequences.



Is a website or forum that may be related to cybercrime or sharing information about unauthorized activities on the Internet. There are a lot of ads on this site. this is his big minus.


This site discusses and sells a variety of cyberattack tools, including vulnerable botnets, data breaches, and other tools that can be used for malicious activities on the Internet.


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