A selection of Maltego add-ons. Part 2

18 July 2023 5 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Maltego Supplement: Your Guide to Effective Information Gathering

Maltego is a recognized tool for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and visual analytics, widely used by the professional circles of cyber security, data analytics and other experts working with open source information. However, in order to fully reveal all the possibilities of this tool, it is useful to understand its additions. Add-ons to Maltego are modules that add additional functionality to the main version of the program. They enhance the functionality of Maltego, allowing you to perform more complex and specific information gathering and analysis. This can cover everything from additional ways of collecting data to new forms of information visualization.

It should be noted that not all add-ons are equally useful for all users. Choosing the right set of add-ons depends on your specific task, requirements, and skill level. Research and experimentation is required to find the most effective supplements for your needs. Maltego add-ons can take some time to master, but the work you put in will be rewarded with improved productivity, accuracy in data collection, and data analysis. This will open new perspectives for you as an OSINT or cyber security professional. The Maltego add-on is a powerful tool to enhance your OSINT work. They will help you take this powerful information gathering tool to the next level.

Let’s go to the list (Part 2)


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world that allows users to communicate, share photos, videos, links, thoughts, ideas and information. Users can create personal profiles, support pages for brands, organizations.

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Hacker Target IP

Hacker Target IP is an online service that provides tools for scanning IP addresses and domains. It provides a variety of features including route tracing, DNS resolution, port scanning, and other features for safe network and security analysis.

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GreyNoise is an information intelligence service on the Internet that collects and analyzes third-party network noise. This noise can include a wide range of known safe, suspicious, and malicious open web activities such as crawling, hacking, and more.

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BinaryEdge is a cyber security platform specializing in internet intelligence and monitoring using the “Internet Wide Scanning” methodology. Its purpose is to collect and analyze data from the Internet to help organizations identify vulnerabilities.

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True People Search

True People Search is an online service that provides access to public information and data about people from various sources. Its main purpose is to help users find and retrieve information about real people, including contact details, addresses, relatives.

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Internet archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that aims to create universal access to all human information. It stores large copies of a variety of web content, including websites, audio and video recordings, text documents, software, and more.

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ThreatCrowd search API

ThreatCrowd Search API is a programming interface (API) that provides access to the functionality and database of ThreatCrowd, a web service that collects,  provides information about cyber threats.

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I Have Been Pwned

“I Have Been Pwned” is a website created by web security Troy Hunt. The service allows internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised as a result of data breaches.

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Abusix is a company that specializes in cyber security solutions, including the detection and blocking of online threats such as spam, viruses, network attacks and other malicious activities.

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OpenDNS Investigate API

The OpenDNS Investigate API is a programming interface (API) that provides access to the functionality and capabilities of OpenDNS Investigate, a platform for analyzing and investigating domains, IP addresses, and other attributes on the Internet.

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Grey Noise

GreyNoise is an Internet cybersecurity service that analyzes Internet traffic, called “mass noise.” This includes mass scanning and attacks from botnets, crawlers, security scanners and other types of automated web activity.

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GraphSense is an open-source cryptocurrency analysis tool that helps researchers, analysts, and cybersecurity professionals study and analyze transactions and addresses on the blockchains of various cryptocurrencies.

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DomainTools is a service for collecting and analyzing information about domains and IP addresses. It is used by cyber security specialists, researchers and IT professionals to obtain information about domain owners, domain registration history, associated IP addresses and other data.

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BreachAlarm is a service that monitors and notifies users of possible data breaches related to their email addresses or domains. It scans the internet for leaked or stolen personal data and then sends alerts when such data is found. With this service, your data will be protected.

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Mitre ATT&CK

MITER ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) is a grouped and structured set of tactics, techniques, and procedures used by attackers in cyberattacks. It is an open database created and maintained by the MITRE organization, which specializes in security.

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PhoneInfoga is a tool for collecting and analyzing information about phone numbers. It is freely available software used by cyber security specialists, detectives, journalists and other professionals who need to gather information about a specific phone number.

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FullContact is a contact management platform that provides APIs for developers to collect data about individuals and organizations. It can be used to collect data including names, email addresses, social profiles, profile pictures, geographic location, jobs, previous positions, and more.

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Nessus is one of the most popular vulnerability scanning systems in the world. It is used by security researchers, auditors, and other professionals to automatically detect vulnerabilities in network systems, including operating systems, available services, and more.

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