Bots in Telegram that constantly help in the war. (Part 1)

18 July 2023 4 minutes Author: Endpool


Bots are special Telegram accounts created for automatic processing and sending of messages. Users can interact with bots through messages sent through regular or group chats. Bot logic is controlled via HTTPS requests to our bot API. As mentioned earlier, robots are special accounts that do not require a phone number when created. Essentially, these accounts act as an interface to your service running on a remote server. We called it the Bot API. The most interesting thing about robots is that for their creation you do not need to learn low-level methods of working with MTProto and encryption – communication with the robot is organized using the usual HTTPS interface with simplified Telegram API methods. The use of bots in the Telegram messenger has become a revolutionary trend, especially in the context of global conflicts.

These intelligent applications can work around the clock, providing useful assistance in war situations, particularly in the areas of communication, information dissemination and coordination of actions. Telegram bots have a wide range of uses. They can be used to send messages with important updates or security alerts, collect and analyze data, coordinate volunteer efforts, and even provide psychological support. Thus, the use of bots in Telegram can become a key element in the struggle for peace and security. If you want to know more about how they can help in the war, contact us, you won’t regret it.

What can bots do? Here are some examples of using bots:

  • Integration is done with other services. For example, a bot can send comments or control a “smart home”. Or, for example, to send you a message when some action or event is performed (Examples: GitHub Bot, Image Bot).

  • Utilities and tools. The bot can display the weather, translate texts or warn about upcoming events at your request (For example: poll bot). Single and multiplayer games.

  • The bot can play checkers or chess with you, conduct quizzes, and so on. (Example: Trivia bot). Social services. The bot can find you a conversational partner based on your common interests and hobbies. (Example: HotOrBot).

  • Anything you want. The bot can be programmed as you like.

How to make a bot?

For this there is a… Bot. Just tweet @BotFather and follow his instructions. Once you’ve created your bot and received your authorization key (token), head over to the Bot API documentation to start configuring your bot.

Bots (Part 1)


Checking the level of digital literacy.

click here


Find out if this or that brand has left the Russian.

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Chatbot finds doctors for patients.

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To collect information from Kharkiv residents. You can send messages to the bot about crimes committed during the war, if they concern you or you witnessed the event.

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A bot for reporting crimes against the environment committed by Russian troops near Ukraine. For example, evidence of the destruction of sewage treatment plants, forest fires.

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The bot will tell you what to do if you don’t know/don’t remember the algorithms for heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, and other first aid tips. Everyone should know this information.

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Here they help to treat a cold according to the principles of evidence-based medicine.

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A bot for reporting on detected marks left by occupiers on the roads.

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The bot will help Ukrainians with cars and Ukrainians with nothing to drive find each other.

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The bot will help you find both volunteers in your area and offer your help. Food, transport, fuel, shelter and more.

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If you see Russian propaganda on social networks, block such a post, file a complaint about it, or add an account to the SBU bot for blocking.

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It helps 24/7 Ukrainian migrants to get a temporary house and necessary things in TsNAPs, which work as points of care.

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