Apple warns users in 92 countries about potential espionage attacks ahead of important elections

12 April 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

Apple has sent a threat notification to iPhone users in 92 countries, warning of a possible target of “spyware for hire,” which comes amid preparations for critical elections in several countries.

On its website, Apple updated the security information, noting that the threat notifications are designed to inform users who may have been targeted by individual spyware attacks. Among the recipients of the messages are users from India, where general elections, the world’s biggest democratic event, are about to start. Apple urges users who receive such messages to seek help from cybersecurity experts.

In October, Apple already sent similar messages to prominent political leaders in India, including representatives of opposition parties. Rahul Gandhi, one of the leaders of India’s main opposition party, criticized the country’s government for the attacks. Amnesty International confirmed the use of Pegasus spyware by NSO Group to carry out the attacks. The situation surrounding Apple’s warnings raises concerns about user privacy and security in light of the growing threat of digital espionage, especially during election campaigns. Seeking help from cybersecurity experts and raising awareness can be key steps in protecting private information.

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