The era of unmanned police

7 June 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

A large-scale program of police drones in the US has shown how the latest technology can change the work of law enforcement, but raises questions about privacy and equality. The Chula Vista Police Department in California has become the first in the US to implement the “Drone as a First Responder” program. These units are used to respond to 911 calls, allowing police to receive critical information before arriving at the scene.

However, the analysis shows that drones are often used in lower-income neighborhoods, exposing residents to constant surveillance. For example, drones have flown over Vistan Apartments more than 300 times in the past two years, often responding to minor incidents. Residents complain about constant surveillance, which affects their lives. Some residents of the western part of Chula Vista feel constantly under surveillance, are afraid to go out in the yard or relax in the pools. Despite this, many residents support the use of drones, seeing them as an effective safety tool. However, some experts warn that overuse of technology can lead to abuse and excessive control.

Chula Vista’s drone program has become a model for other cities in the US. Many departments are implementing similar initiatives in hopes of improving call response and reducing crime.

Chula Vista police continue to expand the use of drones, despite criticism about the impact on privacy and the uneven distribution of surveillance. This highlights the importance of balancing security and citizens’ rights in today’s society.

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