GitHub integrates artificial intelligence support for automatic code correction

21 March 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

GitHub has announced the public beta release of Autofix, a new automatic patching feature for advanced security users that provides developers with guidance on how to fix emerging security issues.

The autofix tool uses a combination of CODEQL, the Copilot API, and OpenAI GPT-4 to generate code suggestions that can automatically patch vulnerabilities without major changes. GitHub emphasizes that AutoFix can suggest changes that affect not only the current file, but also several other files and dependencies to address the vulnerability. Autofixing is the process of fixing bugs for developers by automatically generating potential fixes and natural language descriptions for supported programming languages, which is an important step in reducing barriers to patching code and ensuring a higher level of security in software development.

The launch of Autofix from GitHub is a significant advance in cybersecurity automation, providing developers with powerful tools to fix code vulnerabilities. This innovation not only improves software security, but also streamlines the development process and allows developers to focus on building features rather than fixing bugs.

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