Millions in damages due to software failure at Sydney’s Star Casino

22 April 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

Australia’s Star Casino in Sydney lost about A$3 million after a software glitch that allowed patrons to withdraw extra funds. The cause of the incident was a malfunction in the Ticket In Cash Out (TICO) machine, which is used to process payouts from gaming machines.

The glitch allowed customers to insert two tickets with barcodes at the same time, allowing them to get paid and then use the ticket again. There was a situation where one of the tickets could be reused to get money. Because of this, 43 people were able to receive additional payouts in 13 days, which resulted in millions of losses for the casino.

This incident demonstrates how important it is to have effective management systems and regular software updates to avoid similar situations in the future. Losses of this magnitude can have a significant impact on reputation and financial health.

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