A major data breach at the world’s largest casino, WinStar

11 February 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

WinStar Casino was the victim of a major data breach when startup Dexiga left open access to its customer database. The incident came to light thanks to a TechCrunch investigation and discovery by researcher Anurag Sen.

WinStar, located in Oklahoma, is known for its casino and resort hotel, as well as the popular My WinStar app, which allows guests to self-serve and view bonus points and winnings. The developer of the application was the startup Dexiga from Nevada.

Dexiga left one of its databases open without a password, exposing customers’ personal information for public viewing. The leaked information includes customers’ names, phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses. After being notified by TechCrunch, the database was immediately taken offline.


While Dexiga claims the leaked data was publicly available, the incident raises concerns about security and privacy standards in the industry. TechCrunch confirmed that the leaked information contained sensitive data, including gender, IP addresses, and even internal accounts. Dexiga and WinStar have yet to respond to inquiries about the steps they will take to notify customers of the breach of their personal information.

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