Wi-Fi issues in Google’s new office: a challenge for AI developers

11 March 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

At Google’s new headquarters in Mountain View, California, employees are experiencing Wi-Fi issues that are affecting productivity, particularly for teams developing generative artificial intelligence.

The Bay View building, which is part of Alphabet’s campus, has been battling intermittent or intermittent Wi-Fi for months, according to six people familiar with the issue. This forces workers to connect to the Internet via Ethernet or use personal phones as access points. Despite these challenges, Google touted the new building as a place with cutting-edge features and amenities.

Why are there such problems with Wi-Fi in the Google office?

Google’s new campus, with its undulating roof and cutting-edge design, is designed to foster innovation and collaboration among teams. However, the Wi-Fi problems cast doubt on the company’s ability to provide for the basic needs of its workers, even as it strives to lead the development of the next generation of artificial intelligence.

Despite Google’s claims of improvements to address the Wi-Fi issue, it remains an issue for workers. This raises concerns about the company’s ability to provide the necessary conditions for work and innovation, especially for AI teams.

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